Time Saver Assistant

For Loan Officers who are looking to save time, eliminate borrower payment estimate calls, and close loans in less time.

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Virtual Event Assistant

For Loan Officers who are doing first time home buyer seminars and/or large presentations to realtors.

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Referral Assistant

For Loan Officers focused on better referral relationships including co-branding with real estate agent partners.

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Borrower Assistant

For Loan Officers looking to save time while providing a great borrower experience with an assistant to help with mortgage calculations, sharing your 1003 link and more.

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Taking you further than you ever imagined possible


The trick is to put your best efforts into the clients most likely to follow through — most likely to apply, most likely to buy, most likely to refi. I use CardTapp to filter and prioritize my leads. I want my best efforts to target my most likely prospects.

CardTapp engages prospects & partners while optimizing conversion, all while delivering real-time buying signals to the loan officer


The information we deal with is proprietary. Our clients are sensitive to what we share and how we share it.  We can’t afford mistakes. CardTapp is together in terms of support for relevant standards as anyone in the industry.

At CardTapp, infosec is just a part of the job. Stand-alone, or fully integrated, CardTapp solutions are robust and secure.


I got a lot of high pressure calls and pushy emails. Only one loan officer sent me an app so I gave it try. It answered all my initial questions, pointed me to more detailed information, and made it easy for me to ask my questions – easy, low stress. It helped me build my confidence. It was great to know someone really knowledgeable was on our side.

The Network Connector app includes links, documents, and communication tools that build buyer confidence, instill trust, and ease clients through the origination process.


What I look for is a solution that is easy to implement, and if we choose to do so, easy to integrate. CardTapp fills a void CRMs and marketing automation tools ignore. It picks up where our Salesforce investment stops and even adds value.

CardTapp connects prospects to the loan officer. It moves prospects through the funnel faster and more reliably.


My favorite feature? That’s easy. We purchase and distribute leads. CardTapp helps us make the most of those investments. It essentially guarantees my LO’s follow-up. It gives me the ability to bring greater accountability to bear without adding additional overhead.

The CardTapp Lead Connect solution automatically offers apps to acquired leads. This delights home buyers and solves the lead filtering and prioritization problem.


At the end of the day, it’s all about raging customer success — it’s all about happy homeowners. When customers trust you, they refer business your way. When customers recognize you as the expert, they come back. CardTapp is unlike any other tool we use. I’m glad we found it.

CardTapp helps good loan officers become great loan officers.



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