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SMS Auto-Response Keyword

Take your personal brand to the next level with your own unique keyword and short code with CardTapp’s new EasyText! It’s the simple way to share your app and capture lead contact information when you can’t share one-to-one.

Easier than ever before, you can get your app into the hands of hundreds or thousands of people in a matter of seconds. With EasyText, you set yourself apart from the competition.

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Co-Brand with Referral Partners

CoBranding allows you to make many variations of your app that feature different referral partners. Have 10-20 referral partners? No problem. CoBranding is unlimited.

Start growing your network, generating more referrals, and closing more deals by incorporating CoBranding on your app!

Real Time Tracking

TappTracker App logs all user activity and every share in your timeline so you can quickly prioritize your follow ups, connect with your prospects, and nurture those vital referral source relationships.

  • Prioritize follow up calls: no more staring at the phone trying to figure out who to call first. The hottest leads are pushed to the top of your timeline!
  • Connect with leads fast: follow up immediately with the convenient link to your prospect’s contact information right from your TappTracker timeline.
  • Nurture active referral partners: your TappTracker timeline also logs who is sharing your app so you can send a quick thank you when someone sends you new leads.

Intelligent Digital Business Card

Thousands of mortgage professionals trust CardTapp to help them generate more referrals, convert more leads and grow their personal brand. Use your personalized mobile app to stay top of mind with customers and referrals, and effectively close new and repeat borrowers.