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More Industries

More Industries

Build Your Business With CardTapp

It doesn’t matter if you’re an army of one or you have an experienced team on board, the ultimate goal of every company is still the same: get more customers and grow the business. CardTapp provides a unique solution to help you do just that by making it simple to capture more hot leads, respond to buying signals, and deliver incredible service.

CardTapp for Every Industry and Function

Get More Referrals and Sales:

CardTapp is the best way to grow your referral network and gather high value prospects. Quickly configure your app to let leads easily contact you, browse products, calculate rates, or buy right from the app. You can track and follow up with prospects anytime they interact with the app to answer any questions. Customers and leads will love having access to all the helpful resources and you’ll have better insights so you can close more business.

Improve Customer Service:

Once a prospect becomes a customer, you can keep them in the know with your app. Whether you get a new business logo, offer new specials, or want to let them know of changing market rates products, you can make sure your customers still have access to the most valuable information and tools right from their mobile phones.

Recruit New Hires:

Passive candidates are those perfect hires who just aren’t looking for a job right now. Give them your app, and when they are ready for a change, you’ll be top of mind. Share your company’s core values, benefit options, and available openings right on your app, and follow up with them as soon as they start looking into your company again.

Increase Marketing Impact:

You invest a lot of time and money to increase awareness of what your business can do. You can reaffirm those messages with your business app and ensure that your employees are using the same messages as well. For regulated industries, CardTapp can also be configured to adhere to your requirements.

Can your business card do this?

Referrals, Referrals, Referrals

Salespeople know that referrals are gold. Referrals already know what you do, they trust you, and are often ready to buy. With your own personally branded app, you can expand your personal network and make it easy for your customers and partners to send referrals along to you.

Track, Follow Up, Close

TappTracker shows you who is installing your app, who is using it, and what they are interested in. Now you can proactively reach out, prepared to answer their questions. Establish yourself as a responsive resource, and you’ll be their first point of contact for their business.

Re-Engage Loyal Customers

Your customers may need you again in the future, so keeping them engaged after the initial deal is crucial. Put your current inventory, financing rates, and other tools right on their phones for easy access. You’ll level up your service game, reinforce your reputation, and grow your business.

The notifications that come to my phone are incredibly helpful, and make follow-up easy.
Will FosterFoster Pulaski Bank Home LendingMO
Any company that’s looking to increase footprint should take a hard look at this. Increasing network, increasing service, increasing time to response — it does everything.
Josh HelderopAssistant Vice President Employee BenefitsAHT Insurance
My clients have whatever they want, whenever they want, right on their phones. CardTapp is awesome. You can’t go wrong. It’s money well spent.
Kelcey MyersFidelity National Financial
We have a lot of clients who make payments through the app, and all of the buttons are customizable; so if we see a button isn’t getting used, we can switch it out for something more useful. I would definitely recommend getting the app.
Tiffany VegaAmerican Family Insurance
I can see what my users are doing with the app, and it helps me be more prepared for follow up conversations.
Joe FarroFairway Independent Mortgage CorporationFL
The app works for you while you’re somewhere else, not working!
Jorge GrajedaTitus Will ChevroletWA
If this app were a person, I would leave my wife and marry it.
Tyler RamerRoseburg Honda
CardTapp helps me reach out to new candidates in a totally different way and allows them to easily refer me to friends and peers.
Andrew HortonFranChoice

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