We’re wrapping up our introductions of our CardTapp assistants, so let’s touch on the basics again. By now, you should consider your CardTapp app more than just a digital business card or mobile toolkit. CardTapp users can leverage an entire group of assistants designed to add significant value to their businesses. So far, you’ve seen how the CardTapp Assistant saves you time, generates leads, and closes deals. Our final assistant, the CardTapp Event Assistant, helps you manage event leads.

A key component of your CardTapp app is helping you generate more leads and accelerate the sales process. Your Event Assistant helps collect and manage the leads that you get from events.

Maximize In-Person AND Virtual Events

There’s no doubt that things like lunch and learns, seminars, panel discussions, and trade shows have been nearly nonexistent lately. However, events like these are a critical component of many sales professionals’ lead generation strategies.

We know these types of live events likely won’t be back for a few more weeks or months. The good news is that your CardTapp Event Assistant can still help generate leads and close deals over webinars, online discussion threads, and even social media posts.

High-Volume Event Lead Capture

Attending and presenting at events is a great way to gain significant exposure to a large number of prospective clients. Usually, events pose a primary challenge when it comes to capturing leads: it’s difficult to capture lots of prospects’ information, especially when time is limited if you want to engage with individuals in a one-on-one fashion.

That’s where your Event Assistant comes into play. It’s easy to:

  • Add your EasyText keyword to a bio, poster, handout, or slide of a presentation
  • Prompt attendees and booth visits to text your keyword to 36260
  • Automatically deliver your personal app link to event attendees

Every attendee that visits your app in this way will be prompted to register. Once they register, you have access to their contact information. This is achieved in a fraction of the time it would have taken to meet and share your app with every attendee individually.

Event Lead Management

After your Event Assistant captures leads’ information, it automatically syncs lead data to two places: your backend dashboard and TappTracker, your mobile analytics toolkit. This makes it easy to prioritize follow-up based on engagement.

Your Event Assistant can also help you categorize your leads. It automatically tags leads with event information using an event-specific tag. When all of your event leads are in one, centralized place and categorized with tags, you can filter and review activity to identify which prospects should be pursued.

Instant CRM Capture

Your Event Assistant can also help you streamline moving leads from your event into your CRM or Marketing Automation solution. Your Event Assistant’s ability to be integrated with most CRM systems allows you to add leads as soon as they come in through your CardTapp app.

This process essentially outsources manual CRM entry. Rather than worrying about it yourself, your CardTapp digital assistant will handle the leads and deals for you.

Maximize Every Event

You can task your CardTapp Event Assistant to help you:

  • Capture more event leads
  • Categorize and manage leads using backend tools
  • Instantly input each new lead’s information in a CRM

The CardTapp Event Assistant has the potential to make every event you attend more productive. Not only will it help you convert leads directly into trackable prospects that you can organize and manage, but it can also play a key role in your presentations’ effectiveness.

  • You can use your Event Assistant to help engage audiences during presentations and demo products while capturing lead information.
  • Your CardTapp app is also extremely customizable. It’s easy to add tools, resources, and videos to help emphasize key topics or give examples during presentations.

Get Ready for Your Next Event

Have an upcoming event and interested in learning more about how to set up your Event Assistant? Schedule some time with our Customer Journey Manager to develop a strategy today. Contact us to learn more about how our assistants save you money, generate leads, and close deals.