Last week, we launched our new series targeted at introducing you to our CardTapp digital assistants. If you met our Time Saver Assistant, you probably remember that your CardTapp solution is much more than a digital business card and mobile toolkit. It’s also a group of four digital assistants. Each assistant is ready to assist with different parts of your business operations. We would love to introduce you to the next CardTapp assistant: the Referral Assistant that helps you to generate leads.

Widening the Top of Your Sales Funnel to Generate Leads

One of the primary purposes of your CardTapp solution is to help you widen the top of your sales funnel. This allows you to bring more leads into your pipeline.

Sourcing New Leads Is Simple

There’s an easy and effective way to source new leads: getting them from existing relationships. People like friends, family members, happy customers, and business partners can all serve as valuable referral sources.

The good news is that using CardTapp as a Referral Assistant makes the referral process easy and efficient.

A Straightforward Referral Process

Your CardTapp Referral Assistant helps contribute to an easy, consistent referral process. There’s no guesswork involved.

All friends, family members, past clients, or referral partners need to do is open up your app and tap the Share button. Once they enter the appropriate referral information and any pertinent notes, you’re connected directly to the lead.

CardTapp Makes Referrals Easy for Senders and Recipients

Not only is the process straightforward for the person sending the referral, but it’s also easy for you– the recipient.

Your CardTapp Referral Assistant helps you:

  • Capture and manage incoming referrals
  • Collect and store notes and details from referral sources in a centralized location
  • Categorize leads according to relevant categories
  • Identify top referral partners

Start the Sales Process Faster

Your CardTapp Referral Assistant immediately notifies you each time you receive a new referral.

This makes it easier for you to start the sales process quickly. When you have real-time access to a prospect’s contact information, buying stage, and other relevant notes about them from your referral partner, it’s easier to connect with them.

Your assistant also facilitates quick follow-up contact with new leads. It thanks the referring party, too. You can use your assistant to quickly reach out to leads or thank senders for referrals right through your app.

Build Strong Partnerships

Your Referral Assistant gives you the tools you need to strengthen your relationships with your referral partners.

Our co-branding feature allows you to promote your referral partners while you build your network. Many users leverage this feature to highlight their business partners. Co-branding also creates an incentive for referral partners to deliver more (and stronger) referrals.

Organize the Information That Your Referral Partners Share

Your Referral Assistant’s ability to track and organize notes from your referral partners is another way to keep partnerships strong. When you have somewhere central and organized to store notes on referrals, the risk of delayed or uninformed follow-ups drastically decreases.

An organized system like this one allows timely follow-up with referrals and promotes consistent communication with referral partners. The result? Strong and lasting relationships.

Learn More About How to Set Up Your Referral Assistant to Generate Leads

Capturing and monitoring referrals play an integral role in any brand’s lead generation strategy. The CardTapp Referral Assistant is here to make that process easy.

CardTapp Will Help You Improve Your Brand’s Approach to Referrals

Want to make sure your app is prepared to help you manage referrals? Schedule some time with our Customer Journey Manager today. We’ll help you develop a strategy that suits your individualized needs.