We’re passing the halfway point in our series; and by now, you should consider your CardTapp App to be much more than just a mobile toolkit or digital business card. You should see it as a group of assistants that can add significant value to your business. So far, you’ve met the Time Saver Assistant and the Referral Assistant. Next, we’d like to introduce you to the CardTapp Borrower Assistant that helps you to close deals by managing referrals.

Helping you close more deals is a key component of your CardTapp app’s capabilities. Your Borrower Assistant helps provide a superior prospective borrower experience, drive better interactions, and close more deals.

Powerful Calculations to Help Close Deals

Your app includes several mortgage calculations powered by MGIC. With the Borrower Assistant, it’s easy for prospective borrowers to calculate payment estimates and gain instant access to rate trends from Freddie Mac.

Plus, when you outsource payment calculations to your Borrower Assistant, you free up more of your own time to focus on moving deals across the finish line.

Best of all, potential borrowers won’t be the only group that loves to use the in-app calculators. Your calculators also help existing customers. It’s easy for them to run refinance scenarios in-app. Realtors can work with home buyers on affordability calculations, too.

Rich Tool Integrations

You can grant your Borrower Assistant access to the tools that you use in the loan process. In fact, the CardTapp app supports integration for a vast array of tools.

Your Borrower Assistant can assist prospective and existing clients more effectively when it connects borrowers to tools like:

  • Online applications
  • Prequalification forms
  • Borrower portals

Real-Time Borrower Notifications

Your Borrower Assistant also grants you key insights into your borrowers. Thanks to real-time notifications of prospective borrower interactions, you can better understand the needs and interests of your individual borrowers.

The Borrower Assistant allows you to see the figures that borrowers or realtors input into your calculators and which resources they are interested in. With this insight, you can better understand what your borrowers are looking for. The result? More closed deals.

Close Deals Using the Borrower Assistant

If you want to provide excellent customer service, it’s critical that you offer borrowers valuable information and tools. Indeed, you can use your CardTapp Borrower Assistant to:

  • Connect leads with tools
  • Review borrower insights collected by your assistant

From here, it’s easy for you to create a powerful system that allows you to close more deals.

Ready to make sure your app is prepared to help you close deals? Schedule some time with our Customer Journey Manager to develop a strategy today.