So far in our series on maximizing the ROI with your CardTapp app, we’ve looked at how your app can help you provide great service and drive engagement. Next up, we’ll look at how you can effectively engage your app users with text messaging.  A text messaging strategy is an easy way to maximize return with your app. Not only is text messaging easy to do, but it is an incredibly effective way to engage app users.

Why a Text Messaging Strategy Is Important

Text messages are one of the most open and read forms of communication. In fact, nearly 100% of text messages are opened. Not only does this create an easy way to connect with clients, it makes it easy for them to engage. Replying to a text is a convenient way to get support or move to the next step of the sales process. The CardTapp solution makes it easy to engage with clients or leads via text. There are two primary ways to leverage text messages with your CardTapp solution.

Send Text Messages from TappTracker

Since the Tapper app is shared via text message, you’re guaranteed to have the cell phone number of every one of your prospects who have received your app. Use it!

Since SMS outreach is so effective, you should leverage it! Here are two reasons to implement a text messaging strategy:

Reason #1 – it helps close more business. Did you know that prospects who receive text messages close at a 40% higher rate than those who never receive text messages? Sending a text or two could actually connect you to a prospect and lock down a deal.

Reason #2 – it helps your customer service. Most people are open to texting for customer support and more than half (52%) report that they would actually prefer texting customer support over their current form of communication.

If your business relies on referrals to any degree, keeping current customers happy should be an essential part of your day-to-day focus. Indeed, being available for a text or two could bring a ground swell of customer appreciation that leads to higher retention and more business down the line.

With TappTracker, you can engage directly with app users. Once a lead, client, or referral partner has registered with your app, you can contact them directly from the Timeline tab in TappTracker. Simply click the “contact [name]” button under the activity to immediately create a new message in your messaging application. With our Pro subscription, you can also text directly through TappTracker from a dedicated business line.

Use CardTapp to Launch a Text Messaging Strategy

CardTapp also offers an SMS Marketing feature that makes it easy to text individual app users. You can even send texts that look personalized to any size group of your app users. It’s easy to send bulk text messages since you can send messages from your mobile phone or from your desktop dashboard.

Additionally, you can schedule text messages to send in the future. Scheduling texts makes it easy to manage consistent follow-up or sales announcements. Not only are messages easy to send, but they’re stored in the system. Everything is logged in the CardTapp platform for easy reference. Best of all, your text messages for work stay in the CardTapp solution separate from your personal text messages.

If you’re already considering a text messaging solution for marketing your business, you might as well consider using a solution you already have.

Get Started Today

You can start texting registered clients right now through TappTracker. If you’re interested in expanding your subscription to include SMS Marketing, schedule some time with us today!


Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels