CardTapp: Insurance



Looking Out For Your Business

CardTapp has helped thousands of insurance agents expand their referral networks, close more business, and keep their clients informed about additional insurance products and rates. Don’t lose out to competing agents. Stand out and stand above the others by providing a higher level of service.

Serve and Protect

For Agents

Your customers rely on you for assurances and security when life takes an unexpected turn. CardTapp makes you more accessible at any time for questions, claims, or even inquiries into additional security products you can offer.

  • Share your business app with customers to provide information and tools
  • Stay top of mind and be more responsive to customer needs and questions
  • Build customer loyalty by becoming their number one point of contact
  • Promote additional insurance products that clients may need

For Insurance Companies

Your independent agents are a key part of your company’s success, but with it comes risk to your revenue and corporate reputation. CardTapp not only empowers your agents with a tool to help them build out their own businesses, it can give insurance companies better insight into revenue growth, compliance, and potential opportunities.

  • Maintain your brand equity and reputation
  • Ensure compliance to industry requirements
  • Smoothly transition clients when agents turnover
  • Identify poor performers and address concerns before it impacts business

Can your business card do this?

Referrals, Referrals, Referrals

Salespeople know that referrals are gold. Referrals already know what you do, they trust you, and are often ready to buy. With your own personally branded app, you can expand your personal network and make it easy for your customers and partners to send referrals along to you.

Track, Follow Up, Close

TappTracker shows you who is installing your app, who is using it, and what they are interested in. Now you can proactively reach out, prepared to answer their questions. Establish yourself as a responsive resource, and you’ll be their first point of contact for their business.

Re-Engage Loyal Customers

Your customers may need you again in the future, so keeping them engaged after the initial deal is crucial. Put your current inventory, financing rates, and other tools right on their phones for easy access. You’ll level up your service game, reinforce your reputation, and grow your business.

Lacey Saxon Testimonial
I often get new business from consumers who complain that their last agent sold them a policy and they never heard from him again. This app elevates my practice to a category apart from other agents.
Lawrence WeissInsurance and Legacy Planning LLC, PA
Having my own app proves to my clients that I care and I’m available and willing to respond 24/7.
Bob BleisteinEastern Classic Coverage
We have a lot of clients who make payments through the app, and all of the buttons are customizable; so if we see a button isn’t getting used, we can switch it out for something more useful. I would definitely recommend getting the app.
Tiffany VegaAmerican Family Insurance