Many people think that networking is all about collecting the most business cards and connecting with everyone on LinkedIn. However, effective networking isn’t just about meeting the most clients or referral partners as possible, it’s also about the quality of who you are making connections with. An all-star networker knows that it’s all about quality of the contact and the relationships you build with them.

Quality VS Quantity

During networking events, sales professionals should aim to meet eight to twelve new contacts. If you have current clients or business partners at the event, be sure to block off some time to talk to them. Who knows, they may even introduce you to some great new contacts!

Usually, people have some level of filter when interacting with a new contact. Despite this, try your best to move beyond small talk to more meaningful areas. Though some degree of small talk is valuable and even necessary, try to develop a quality connection. Be sure to make notes so that you can follow up on the meaningful details later. Being able to “recall” things that matter to new contacts can be a great way to build rapport.

Networking with a Mobile App

Networking events are all about making a memorable first impression that allows you to stand out. However, even if you have the flashiest business card, one pager, or greatest handshake (are we doing still doing this?) in the world – it will all fall short. Chances are that business card you gave them got lost, and the one pager is stuffed in a folder. Ultimately, you will likely be hard to remember amongst all the others.

This is where a mobile app, like the CardTapp virtual engagement solution, can make a world of a difference. With the CardTapp solution, you receive a personalized mobile app that acts as a digital business card during networking events. Simply share your mobile app via text message to any prospect you meet. You should share with prospective clients as well as potential networking sources.

Once you’ve shared your app with someone, you will have access to their contact information allowing you to follow up appropriately. Your app also provides you prospect insights with real-time notifications alerting you of their activity in your app.

With a mobile app like CardTapp, you will not only stand out above the standard business cards but also be able to gather insights on prospects allowing for better connections, follow-ups, and more new business.

“Givers Gain”

This is may seem like an old cliche, but this still holds true in business networking. Focus on listening to what others have to say and do the best you can to help them out.

By listening to new prospective clients and business partners, you’ll show that you are interested in making a genuine connection rather than simply talking to them for a selfish reason. Make it a point to note one thing of value you an add to each of the people you connect with. Whether an introduction or an idea to help their business, be sure to offer a value-add when you follow up.

By providing resources and helping others make connections, you’ll also become known as an all-star networker. It will also enhance your personal and company’s brand.

Photo by Cytonn Photography from Pexels