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Hi, and welcome to CardTapp.

This is a brief overview of the CardTapp product. In just a moment, you’ll understand how CardTapp works. You'll also begin to imagine the possibilities it holds for your business.
When you purchase CardTapp, you receive a personal mobile application.
The application comes with all the information that would be included on a business card, but does much, much more. Essentially, it’s a business productivity toolkit, a network builder, for the mobile phone. 

One of the most important things CardTapp does is make sharing the application itself easy.  You can share your app when you’re on the phone. You can put it in your email, or on your Facebook or Instagram page. You can share it your friends and family, your referral partners, and of course, with your prospects. 

When your prospects open your application they discover a wealth of useful information and services. 
These include insurance calculators and product information, questions and answers, and of course, several ways to contact you.  This builds trust, and that helps you build relationships, shorten sales cycles, and close more deals.  

And again, the application makes sharing easy. 
Anyone with your app can share it with anyone else just as easily as you shared it with them. This creates for you a personal business referral network.  

Critically, as your application is shared, and as your network uses the application, CardTapp lets you know who’s using what aspects of the application.
This helps you understand who is serious, who is ready to buy, allowing you to make the most effective follow-up decisions. It’s like having a team of virtual research assistants. 

For team leads and agency owners, CardTapp rolls up prospect information providing a window into the sales process that was previously opaque at best.
We often compare CardTapp to a business card, but as you can see, it’s much more than that. On the other hand, if Harry Potter had a business card, this would be it. 
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