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Actionable engagement insights for prospect follow-up

Get real-time engagement insights as prospects, clients, and referral partners engage with your content and collateral.

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Your follow-up is better with engagement insights

Using Cardtapp, anyone can create and send their own branded mobile app via email, text message, social media, tools, and more. When prospects prospects engage with your sales and marketing collateral, you will get real-time engagement insights for proactive, tailored follow-up.

Proactive follow-up for best-in-class service

Follow up immediately with the convenient link to your prospect’s contact information right from your dashboard or timeline.


Nurture referral relationships

Your prospect timeline logs who is sharing your app so you can send a quick thank you when someone sends you new leads.


Proactive follow-up for best-in-class service

  • CardTapp gives you insights into how your prospects and clients are engaging with your content and collateral.

  • No need to wait for a client meeting to find out what they think! Stay on top of their thinking so you know the next steps you need to take.

  • Streamline your follow-up with actionable insights that give you the blueprint for next steps.

Track referrals and nurture relationships

Learn who your most influential partners are, who is sharing your mobile app the most, and send a “Thank you” with a simple tap on their name.

Track all your historical sharing activity in the Timeline to see who you should thank for their referral. Your engagement insights streamlines communication with key referral partners, ensuring you are more productive than ever before.

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“I love Cardtapp! It has totally changed the way I connect with clients and real estate agents! It’s what puts me ahead.”

Kayla W.

Mortgage Loan Officer • Shreveport, LA

“It sets me apart in the mortgage industry. Sharing with customers and referral partners gives me an extra edge to win business.”

Stephen M.

Loan Officer • Toledo, OH

“It’s a great conversation starter with prospects and partners. It has that modern “wow” factor! I can not get enough of it!”

Carson V.

Sales • Austin, TX

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Makes it easier for you to reach more prospects and convert more leads into sales.