We want our members to get the most value possible out of their CardTapp solution. In fact, we’re starting a new series on how to deliver a great customer experience with CardTapp. A great customer experience is key to getting value from your CardTapp solution. First up we’ll look at how you can use the CardTapp solution to effectively engage clients with integrated content. The more engaged app users are with your app, the more valuable engagement insights you get and the better customer experience.

Digital sales engagement has been a trend for years. Indeed, consumers increasingly want to do business digitally. However, after the sweeping changes in 2020, adjusting your sales model is more important than ever. In fact, companies are quickly moving to more digital sales experiences. This series will help you establish or strengthen your digital sales engagement strategy.

An Intro to Integrated Content

When we talk about integrated content, we focus on the sales process. CardTapp should provide everyone you work with easy access to all of your tools and resources. The solution is customizable, which makes it easy to add timely and current updates with the click of a button.

Everything in your app should reflect your brand and provide value to app users. First, make sure app users can:

  • Access a list of your products or services
  • Research different options you offer
  • Submit any pre-purchase information (request a quote or pre-qualification)
  • Start the buying journey either by buying directly or submitting an application
  • Review account information and maintain their product or service after they buy

The goal is to collect everything a client or referral partner might need and centralize it for easy access.

Do Other People a Favor – Give Them Value

By building your sales process into the app, you’ve already added value. A single location to access everything they need during the sales process is incredibly valuable to clients. Not only do they save time, but they also have an easier and less frustrating sales journey. Recognize that you’re delivering value and doing a favor to the customer by sharing your app.

If salespeople go into a conversation thinking that they’re asking a favor from the customer or prospect to put the salesperson’s app on their phone, it’s setting the wrong tone. The customer will likely be hesitant, confused, or even ask themselves, why should I grant them this favor?

The reality is, your app has useful content, tools that are going to be helpful, and it’s going to make the process easier for them, whether they’re buying, referring, or making a decision.

Instead, enter a conversation with a new prospect, referral partner, or other app recipient, say, “Hey! I have something really great for you — and I’m excited to share it!”

That mindset, and the vocabulary and confidence that comes with it, is job one when it comes to sharing your app.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels