We’re continuing on with our series on how to make a great digital sales engagement process. In our first article, we highlighted the need to add value with integrated content. Next up, we’ll look at presenting clear benefits.  In order for a customer to use a solution, they must believe it will add value for their buyer journey. Therefore, after you build a digital resource with integrated content, it’s time to communicate that value with clear benefits.

The Importance of Clear Benefit Statements

Benefits (or Value) statements focus on how a customer benefits from a solution rather than the features. Indeed, most consumers don’t care the amount of memory a laptop or phone has, they care that it’s “fast”. Therefore, salespeople should do their very best to frame the solution from the client’s point of view. All of us operate at some level of asking what’s in it for me?

So salespeople should present their app to a new client saying, “I’m going to highlight the ways that my app is going to be beneficial for you.”

Focusing on how your digital sales process benefits the customer is incredibly important. Focusing on clear benefits not only makes it more likely that the client will use the process, but benefit from it as well. A happy customer typically leads to repeat business or referrals down the line.

How your App Benefits Clients

Consumers like to do business on their own time. In fact, the popularity of client-driven sales processes have increased steadily over the past few years. Consumers want an easy sales process that they engage with on their time. Your CardTapp solution offers just that. Indeed, the tools and resources in your app should help clients:

  • Save time
  • Stress less
  • Easily access what they need
  • Engage with tools and resources or advance in the sales process when it’s convenient

Consistently reviewing app activity and getting feedback from clients also helps understand your app’s value. Make sure to update your app as needed to keep up with current trends or issues.

Offer an Easy Sales Process

Doing business with you shouldn’t be difficult. In fact, one of the key reasons our power users find success is because they’ve made it easy for people to work with them.

They’ve identified places where friction can happen in the sales process and removed those barriers. These types of adjustments are a significant part of what makes them successful. Indeed, it’s why people want to do business with them. They make it easy and people have confidence that the process is going to be less painful than it would be working with someone else.

The ability to focus on consolidating your tools and resources and creating an easy sales process it key to success. Creating this type of process makes it easy to communicate the benefits of working with you.

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels