Many people apply for mortgages to finance homes. This has been the trend for many years as mortgage lenders develop simplified ways of giving mortgages to their customers. Today, technology continues to influence lender operations when issuing mortgages to borrowers. As a lender, you can now leverage digital mortgage software, also known as loan origination software, to run operations seamlessly.

With so many solutions in the industry today, choosing a tool that can help you solve your needs in real-time is imperative. CardTapp is a quality digital mortgage solution that helps you discover, engage and convert your best borrowers in real-time. Here is everything you need to know about mortgage software.

What Is Digital Loan Origination Software? 

Digital loan origination software is a tool that automates and centrally manages different stages of the overall servicing cycle. This, indeed, includes loan application, verification of the application documents, loan approval, and automated underwriting. Through a lead management dashboard for mortgage originators, lenders can view borrower transactions across multiple channels and products from a single platform.

Benefits of Mortgage Origination Software 

When planning to invest in mortgage software, it is important to understand what value it can add to your business. CardTapp mortgage software has in-built quality tools to help you achieve your business goals. Here are the benefits of using the software.

Improved Workflow With Digital Mortgage Software

Many lenders spend a lot of time handling tasks manually. With mortgage software, you can rely on data from the software to automate high-volume transactions, eliminating human errors and improving workflows and productivity.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Customers enjoy working with businesses that offer good customer relationships and management. Digital mortgage software has quality features that let you manage your customer needs from a central location. You can also leverage the lead management dashboard and Mortgage CRM, among other features, to ensure timely service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Saves Time and Money 

Marketers can leverage mortgage marketing automation to scale their engagement with prospective customers. They can integrate the software with other tools to automate communication. This prevents repetitive tasks, thus, saving time and money in the long run.

Boosts Business Growth

When you offer timely, reliable, credible, and quality services to your customers, you will likely experience increased customer loyalty and trust. Using mortgage software and native mortgage calculators automates tasks and processes, reducing time spent on servicing customers. It also minimizes errors, leading to customer satisfaction and seamless experiences. This promotes business growth expansion.

Why Invest in CardTapp Digital Mortgage Software? 

CardTapp digital mortgage software enables prospects, clients, and referral partners to reach out to you in real time. This digital origination software lets loan officers create an intuitive borrower experience without coding. It is highly scalable, meaning you do not need to invest in another app when your business grows. This software allows you to continue with operations no matter the growth you experience along the way. Here are more CardTapp features:

  • Personalized web-based mobile applications for organizations and loan officers.
  • User-friendly interface with a powerful customer referral engine.
  • Native mortgage calculators and search, among other useful tools.
  • Real-time notifications about actions from prospective customers.
  • Highly interactive omnichannel marketing and distribution for mobile apps.
  • One-on-one share by loan officers, past borrowers, prospects, or referral partners.
  • Text messaging for better borrower engagement and follow-up.
  • Built-in campaign message templates and personalized messages.
  • Easily sync contacts to your existing systems.
  • Lastly, manage your loan pipeline with ease.

The software has text keywords, marketing flyers, mortgage CRM integration, text messaging, streamlined borrower requests, and easy access to rick mortgage calculators. Loan officers can enjoy seamless and actionable engagement insights for prospect follow-up, advanced integrations with other tools, analytics, custom templates, and access controls.

Leading Organizations Trust CardTapp Digital Mortgage Software

If you are looking for quality mortgage software, CardTapp has what you need. The software is a mortgage solution and a powerful sales and marketing tool that help lenders quickly reach prospects and convert more leads into sales. Our pricing structure is cost-effective and coupled with quality features worth value for your money. Check out our prices here to begin.