You probably know by now that your CardTapp app is a digital business card; but did you know that the app can also serve as a digital assistant?

There are four iterations of the CardTapp assistant. Each is designed to help you improve a different part of the way you work. Over the upcoming weeks, we will introduce you to all four versions of the CardTapp assistant.

Today, we’re going to kick off the series with an overview of one of our most popular assistants: the Time Saver Assistant. If you want to learn more about the CardTapp app’s other personal assistants before they make their appearance here, ask one of our customer service representatives.

Time is Money

There are some things that are tough to deny. One of those is:

In business, time is money– no matter the industry.

Time often feels like a resource that we can’t get enough of. You’ve likely experienced days where your plate is so full with deadlines to meet or things to do that you wish there were more hours in the day. You may have also had the desire to clone yourself to accomplish twice the work.

Your CardTapp Time Saver Assistant may not be a clone, but it can definitely help you accomplish more work. In fact, there are many activities you can “outsource” to your CardTapp app. Doing so allows you to spend less time worried about your to-do list and more time working.

Core CardTapp App Functions That Save Time

The CardTapp app integrates a handful of core functions designed to save time.

For example:

  • Each time your app is shared, that translates to less time that you need to spend on sourcing new leads
  • When you manage incoming referrals with your CardTapp app, it helps streamline the referral process that you and your referral partners rely on

When you use the CardTapp app, you’re already saving time and moving towards efficiency. The good news is that we have a host of ways for you to work even smarter. Digital assistants are a great example.

Time Saving Tasks: All Courtesy of Your Time Saver Assistant

There are plenty of obvious ways that your CardTapp app can help you save time: organic lead generation, lead tracking, and a streamlined referral process just to name a few.

But let’s look at some of the other tasks that your CardTapp digital assistant can help you with. Your CardTapp Time Saver assistant can:

  • Make payment calculations for potential borrowers or help existing borrowers know if refinancing will save them money with calculators
  • Distribute forms, rate sheets, or marketing materials that you would otherwise need to be emailed with in-app docs
  • Highlight important news or updates or addressing frequently asked questions within the app instead of fielding phone calls with customized buttons
  • Connect with multiple event attendees at once with EasyText
  • Categorize new app users from a specific event with automated tagging
  • Add leads to your CRM with a CRM integration
  • Send targeted one-to-one text messages with updates or marketing messages to a group of app users with SMS Marketing 

Learn More About How to Set up Your Time Saver Assistant

Ultimately, your CardTapp app gives you valuable insight into what interests app users. CardTapp users gain unparalleled insight into where their buyers are in the buying process.

When you fully utilize your CardTapp app, it’s easy to achieve a laser-focus on the leads, customers, and referral partners that will net you the biggest return. Being able to focus on the people with the most likely return ensures your valuable time is well spent.

Do you want your digital assistant set up to save you time? Looking to learn more about how the CardTapp app time saver assistant could simplify your workday?

Contact us to learn more. Then, schedule some time with our Customer Journey Manager to develop a strategy. We’ll work with you one-on-one to develop an individualized plan for success.