CardTapp and Usherpa launch integration partnership to save loan officers’ time, maximize referrals, and automate marketing.

CardTapp’s partnership with Usherpa leverages prospect and customer interactions to drive data into CRM. Our integration seamlessly adds new contacts to Usherpa’s marketing campaigns and follow-up workflows every time the CardTapp mobile app is shared. Through the integration, mortgage and real estate professionals will drive more business, strengthen relationships, increase referrals, save time, and eliminate the stresses of keeping in touch with their network — ultimately giving them more time to grow their business.

CardTapp is now integrated with more than 60 different CRM and marketing automation technologies. This ongoing effort by CardTapp to create strategic integration partnerships, including Usherpa, is a part of their mission to deliver increased value from technology platforms at all levels of sales and marketing teams.

The CardTapp platform acts as the easy-to-use distribution tool that, when augmented by CRM and marketing automation through Usherpa, delivers an unparalleled prospect and customer experience. As a result, corporate stakeholders will realize measured business improvements and new insights into sales and marketing efficacy.

“For over 20 years Usherpa’s mission has been constant: Provide Loan Officers with state-of-the-art technology that maximizes their relationship engagement while simplifying their lives,” said Dan Harrington, CEO of Usherpa. “We are proud to integrate with companies like CardTapp, giving our members another powerful tool that makes it easy for them to close more deals with less effort.”

CardTapp and Usherpa members can now create a unified prospect and customer journey that simplifies workflow and decreases manual data entry with technology which will yield increased business insights, referrals, repeat business, and shorter sales cycles through marketing automation to every lead every time.

“We could not be more excited about this new relationship with Usherpa as we continue our expansion through strategic partnerships to deliver an enhanced consumer experience,” said Ben Brashen, CEO of CardTapp.