With the market in a free-fall, people are looking to save money. That coupled with low interest rates makes it a great time to refinance.  Here are 5 ideas to leverage your CardTapp app to get the refi requests rolling in – or under control.

1. Use Naturally Occurring Events to Share Your App

We say it a lot. The more you share your app, the more valuable it will be. Taking advantage of naturally occurring events like low rates can make sharing your app topical and can give you an opportunity to engage customers by referencing something that’s important to them at the moment.

Pairing your app link (find this in the TappTracker menu or at the top of your desktop dashboard) with a topical message is likely to get more interest than just the app link alone.

“Rates are nearing all-time lows! Use the calculator in my app to see whether or not you can save money by refinancing. [applink]”

“I’ve seen a recent influx of refinance requests and have added a lot of useful information to my app.  Make sure you have it downloaded so you can take advantage of these resources! [applink]”

You can send your app link with a bulk email or bulk text. With our Pro SMS Marketing feature, you can follow up with reminders or updates after the app is shared.

2. Customize Your App to Capitalize on Opportunities

When there’s a new or popular development in your industry, it’s easy to adjust the focus of your app to capitalize on new opportunities.  Customize the buttons in your app to highlight a new update, prioritize important information, or link to a new form or website. Making these types of adjustments to your app is not only easy to do but offers users with “fresh” and relevant information. Since rates are low, create or move refinance applications or quote requests to the top of the list on your home screen

3. Add Videos to Your App

Adding videos is a great way to engage customers, especially the younger crowd. Your videos don’t need to be ready to go viral on Tik-Tok; in fact, it can be as easy as clicking that little, red “record” button on your phone and giving a quick update on market trends and how your customers can refinance to save money or what to expect with a refinance.

It’s best to write out a script to read through several times, get comfortable, and place your phone on a sturdy surface to keep the video steady. The great thing about recording videos is that you can always delete it and start again. When you have a version you like, upload it to the video-hosting site of your choosing (YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, etc.) Then copy the video link and paste it into a button on your app using the strategies in tip #3.  Don’t forget to spread the word to existing and potential customers that you have this new, exciting content

4. Keep an Eye on Your App Activity

Quickly identifying customer buying cues to shorten the sales cycle is one of the most valuable parts of your CardTapp app. To maximize the value of this feature, be sure to regularly check your TappTracker app or your desktop dashboard for updates on what customers or leads are interested in. This can not only inform your sales process, but it can help you create a more effective app by identifying items that don’t receive a lot of traffic and replacing them with a more interesting tool or resource. Take five minutes each day to check on your app’s activity.  Doing this at the beginning of the day can help schedule and prioritize your day. Activity in the mortgage calculator gives you everything you need to reach out to a motivated lead to start the sales process.

5. Leverage Your Network 

Be sure to solicit refinance referrals from your referral partners. They might not only send you some great leads but may also need to refinance themselves.  Want to add even more value to referral partners? Our Pro package includes a co-branding feature that is critical to adding value to real estate partners by creating a greater incentive to share the app.