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Business Edition

More Leads
Better Insights
Stronger Results

Build a Better Sales Team

Equip your sales team with tools from CardTapp to help them capture more leads and close more deals, while you get better data into your CRM and insight into your pipeline. Your star performers will shine brighter, your poor performers will be held accountable, and you’ll beat expectations every quarter.

Elevate Sales Performance

Hold Reps Accountable

 If a rep isn’t doing their part to capture new leads, you’ll be able to identify them before it threatens your sales targets. Monitor how often they share their app before their final numbers close.

Infuse your CRM System

Import new leads into your CRM without any additional effort by your reps. Use the data to get better analytics on individual performance, insights into what’s working, and more detailed pipeline forecasting.

Keep Leads In-House

When turnover occurs, transfer an app to a new rep to prevent disruption or loss of leads. Your open sales engagements will transition smoothly and minimize the overall risk to the business. 

I like the fact that my title rep knows I’m using it and usually calls me to see if there’s additional service she can supply or help me in any way.
– Doug M.


Tools for Success

CRM Integration

Capture all new lead data in your CRM without nagging your sales reps to enter in their prospects. Every rep’s leads are automatically entered into your CRM with no additional effort! Save your sales team’s time so they can focus on what they do best and make sure your CRM has the most complete information possible on your business leads. 


Live Activity Dashboard

The Activity Dashboard helps managers understand what their salespeople are doing on a day-to-day basis. Monitor the team’s productivity in real time. Whether they are going door-to-door, attending a tradeshow, or networking, you can see which reps are sharing their app to create leads and who is wasting time.

Always Up-To-Date

Did regulations in your industry change? Did your company just go through a rebranding? CardTapp can support immediate changes that update all of your reps’ apps so that everyone is always in compliance. You’ll always offer the best corporate assets you have to offer to their customers. Make consistency work for you, not against you, whenever requirements or standards change.  

Sales & Marketing

  • Get more high quality referrals while maintaining brand consistency
  • Track prospects, referral partners, and customers’ activity
  • Improve responsiveness by proactively following up when someone interacts with your app
  • Close more deals more efficiently

Customer Service

  • Easily share information, intake service inquiries, and manage business development
  • Provide better information to customers about troubleshooting, new products, and additional services
  • Proactively alert customers with important updates
  • Improve service reputation and grow business through customer referrals

Compliance & Security

  • Lower corporate risk by maintaining compliance with current industry regulations
  • Push updates when company brand changes occur — no software updates required!
  • Ensure company requirements are met through your compliance approval process
  • Protect the information of everyone involved: your prospects, clients, and referral partners


  • Keep candidates engaged with captivating content on their phones
  • Provide candidates with information on new roles and company news
  • Track and keep in touch with past or passive applicants
  • Re-engage candidates proactively when a they start interacting the app
Having my own mortgage app to share gives my clients and realtors something of value that they can use anytime. And it frees me up from having to quote payments over and over while my clients are looking at several homes. Investing in having this service has been the absolute best marketing dollars I have ever spent. I’m a true believer!
Kim Hajek8z Mortgage, CO
Any company that’s looking to increase footprint should take a hard look at this. Increasing network, increasing service, increasing time to response — it does everything.
Josh HelderopAssistant Vice President Employee BenefitsAHT Insurance
  • CardTapp helps me reach out to new candidates in a totally different way and allows them to easily refer me to friends and peers.

    Andrew Horton,
    FranChoice, WA

  • Investing in this service has been the absolute best marketing dollars I have ever spent. I’m a true believer!

    Kim Hajek,
    8z Mortgage, CO

  • I often get new business from consumers who complain that their last agent sold them a policy and they never heard from him again. This app elevates my practice to a category apart from other agents.

    Lawrence Weiss
    Legacy Planning LLC, PA

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