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3 Proven Behaviors for Successful Sales Calls

The team at ThinkGrowth studied 6 months of sales calls across 7 different companies and built a massive data set that included topics, key moments, and sales behaviors. These are the 3 behaviors they observed that were consistently tied to great calls


5 Tools Your Sales Team Wish They Had

With so many programs and tools out there to help sales professionals, it’s hard to nail down which ones are actually worth it and which ones are just a waste of time and money. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of devices and systems that are not only worth it but are tools your sales reps actually want and need!


How to Leverage the Influence of Referral Partners

Do you know where your referrals are coming from? When you know who your most active and influential referral sources are, you can leverage those relationships more strategically. Being able to track and measure their performance is essential to keeping you from pouring into the wrong relationships.


3 Ways to Run Your Small Business’ Marketing like a Corporate Giant

A critical part of a marketing strategy is identifying and building relationships with prospects who will see value in the products or services you offer. Marketing is the first step in making a connection with people; it sets the tone for the relationships to follow. We all know how no one does it better than those big corporations, though, don’t fear small business owners! You too can implement some of these marketing strategies.


6 Stats You Need To Know About Mobile Apps

Mobile is the key to future success and adjusting to and optimizing for the mobile market will help any company win big. Check out the 6 statistics to get a better understanding of how important mobile is for any industry to succeed.