Marketing is an essential piece of any business; some would even argue that it is the heart of any organization. With the ability to affect every part of your team from sales to customer service it’s a department that should not be overlooked. Whether you have a team of 50 or 2, here are some key aspects that will help make any marketing team successful.

Recruiting Team Members

This may seem obvious, but who is on a marketing team is crucial. The amount of people you have on a team matters less than the roles each individual plays and the skill set they bring to the table. Smaller teams, for example, might need to hire people that are skilled in multiple areas within the marketing realm. While, on the other hand, bigger teams may want to hire for specialized roles instead.


Successful marketing is all about making the most out of your actions. All teams should identify a targeted demographic, create curated campaigns strategies, and keep the team’s goals in mind. Any team should also be analyzing data to optimize their tactics. Though many platforms can aid you in data, a great place to start is with Google Analytics. Google’s platform is not only free it also offers insights into marketing channels, website optimization and can even help identify bottlenecks.

Identify Weaknesses

By distinguishing your weak points, you will be able to have a clear way to improve and be able to prioritize marketing dollars better. We suggest seeking out an assessment from an experienced marketing professional that is familiar with your industry. They should evaluate all current marketing efforts and provide recommendations to improve your strategies.  By uncovering a teams weakness, it presents an opportunity to better strengthen tactics and team members skills.