Lead Generation has been a cornerstone of every successful real estate agent. However, being able to stay up to date with the forever changing society has proven to be more difficult.

Though fear not, Fit Small Business put out a great list of 42 real estate lead generation ideas from pros. We loved their list, so we hand-picked our favorites and added a few of our own to showcase for you.

1. Use Your Hobbies to Get More Real Estate Leads

Who doesn’t like to have fun while they work?

You can leverage common interests and hobbies with potential clients to meet new people and help yourself stand out from other agents. For example, if you’re an avid backpacker or an Italian food aficionado, you might organize backpacking trips or cooking classes through meetup.com.

Having common interests also gives you the upper hand in real estate sales because the buyer will think you better understand their vision of the ideal home — one with a big garage for camping gear or one with an open kitchen that’s great for huge, family-style Italian feasts.

2. Get Your Own Personally Branded, Activity-Tracking App

Instead of sharing a business card, share a mobile app that features property listings, mortgage affordability calculators, moving preparation checklists, and any other resources you’ve created.

Prospects will love the convenience of being able to look at your information while they’re out on the weekends at open houses.

Plus, if you use a solution like CardTapp to build your app, you’ll get the added perk of tracking and lead capture. In the process of sharing your app (whether your lead downloads it or not), you’ll capture that contact’s information and you’ll be able to track all their in-app activity so you’ll know when they’re active, what neighborhoods they’re interested in, and what price range they are looking at. You can even set up your activity alerts to real-time so you can follow up within that magic 5-minute window to win their business.

3. Become a Redfin Partner Agent

Redfin has 8 million monthly users and when you sign up to become a partner with them, you can tap into their massive user base. As a partner agent, you will be sent buyer and seller referrals for free!

However, once the referral is closed, the company does take a 30% cut of the commission.

4. Optimize Your Landing Pages or Use a Form Builder to Increase Conversions

Sometimes it’s all about the small details that really set you apart. By making tweaks to your real estate landing pages it can impact the number of leads who sign up.

This could look like a whole new look and feel or something simple like new pictures or colors. Check out this in-depth guide from Unbounce for more tips and best-practices.

You can also use a form builder to offer some kind of gated premium content and simultaneously capture lead information.

One great kind of content you can offer for free are market reports for homeowners and buyers. You can quickly create a form for potential leads to fill out before they receive the reports. This is a great way to generate leads from your website visitors, Facebook, AdWords, etc.

5. Engage Visitors with Live Chat on Your Website

Many people who visit your website will call, text, or email you about the questions they have.

However, a live chat feature offers a great way to engage consumers and obtain contact information from even the most unsure, cold prospects. The key is timing. You’re reaching out at the peak of their moment of research.

Erin McCormick, Director of Lead Generation for top producing broker and trainer Adam Hergenrother, suggests trying a live chat feature on your site to increase your likelihood of engagement. Tawk.to or LiveChat are both great options that can be added to your WordPress website.

6. Focus on Relationship Marketing to 3x Your Referrals and Repeat Clients

Relationship marketing means leveraging both of your social and professional relationships to increase referrals. In order to maintain that connection, you need to consistently put out the right message, to the right lead, at the right time.

Over on Forbes, CEO Jay Deutsch claims that the main factor to think about is emotion. Like all relationships, building relationships that that turn into deals requires an emotional connection.

Integrating a CRM that focuses on relationship marketing will make the process much easier for you and capture all the relevant information immediately.

7. Use SMS Marketing

SMS messages have a staggering 98 percent open rate. 90 percent of SMS or text messages are read within 3 minutes (Connect Mogul), but they’re read in under 5 seconds on average! (SlickText). You can do this with solutions like SlickText or get a complete solution like CardTapp that includes SMS marketing capabilities.


8. Make Sure You Have a Strategic Social Media Schedule

Social media is a powerful device to capture new leads, but it has to be done right to be effective. Though social media can be a challenge, there are programs to help you achieve a regular schedule to ensure your relevance.

The guide Placester wrote will help you clear up some of the uncertainty out of your social media posting schedule.

9. Generate Local Press Coverage for More Leads and Local Exposure

Your local press is a great way to capture more leads around your area for a lower cost.

By generating more coverage, you also gain more notoriety and respect. This article explains how to target appropriate media sources and get exposure for your business.

10. Create, Capture, and Convert More Leads on Facebook

Over on Tierra Wilson’s blog, she shares 10 awesome Facebook posting ideas for real estate professionals.

Our favorite tip is to have fun with your brand and don’t be afraid to be yourself or be a little silly. This is another opportunity to build relationships with consumers while also brightening their day! If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at this guide to Facebook advertising.

And of course, don’t forget to take a look at the rest of these 42 great lead-generating ideas from Fit Small Business!