Kelcey Myers: Title and Escrow, Fidelity National Financial

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Kelcey Myers has been the Title and Escrow business partner to hundreds of Loan Officers and Agents for over fifteen years. She’s known for her enthusiasm, accountability, and a commitment to all of her clients. She thrives off having the best customer service.

“The reason that I love the app is because I no longer have to carry business cards around!”

I love the app. I no longer have to carry business cards!

Kelcey explains how she was carrying around a card holder for all of her business cards. She had to take them everywhere she went, dropping them off at desks and rely on the hope that she would have more on her when spontaneously meeting someone in her daily routine. It wasn’t efficient.

“Now I just use my app and send it over to my clients if they don’t have it. Or I send it to new clients I’m meeting with on a daily basis. They can easily order titles, escrow – any files they need – whenever they want, right on their phones.”

My clients have whatever they want, whenever they want, right on their phones.

She understands the value of how convenient the app is for her clients’ needs, as they can obtain any of her information on the tips of their fingers, at anytime! “They can call me, text me, email me. They can get a hold of my offices, and find out directions to the escrow offices pertaining to them.”  She’s fully available to all of her client’s urgent needs, and people love the above and beyond service.

But not only is her app helpful to her clients, but with TappTracker, Kelcey is able to always see the activity when someone is using her app. “What I really like about CardTapp is that you can actually see who’s tapping on it, what they’re tapping on and how you can actually contact them. You can call, email or text them, and say, ‘hey can I help you’?”

Kelcey loves the ability to see when her clients need her the most and even what exactly they are looking for. It is that type of client experience that elevates her as a lead in her industry.

“It saves me time and money, and my client’s time and money. Because everyone knows that if it’s not easy, then you’re not going to do it.”

You can see who’s tapping on it, what they’re tapping on, and you can contact them.

The best way to grow your referral network and gain an excellent reputation is through outstanding customer service. Kelcey Myers has always been one to care for her clients with enthusiasm and diligence. She is constantly looking for different avenues to help create easier and more seamless business transactions for her clients. Once she started using her app, she noticed how profitable it was for her and her clients.

My point is this, Cardtapp is awesome. You can’t go wrong. It’s good money well spent.

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