Josh Mannas: Sunset Chevrolet

Josh was just getting started in the auto industry when he started using his personal app with his dealership’s sales team. After only one month of using his app from CardTapp, he was really excited about the exposure and the customer base he was able to develop and track using the app. “My app helped me generate my own customer base when I was just starting my career,” he told us.

Josh’s favorite part about having his own app is the real time insights he receives through TappTracker. He told us that the instant communication was incredible. If a prospect was actively looking through the inventory page or calculating prices, he knew instantly that they were hot and could follow up immediately. Josh said, “I love the real time communication with prospects. I instantly know when a lead is hot and can follow up right away.”

I instantly know when a lead is hot and can follow up right away.

As he is tracking his customers and prospects’ activity on his app, he’s also able to contact them directly through the app to update them about inventory or price changes. “If the vehicle they wanted sold, I could always be on the same page about our inventory.”

Being able to keep his customers and prospects up to date with new, relevant information allowed Josh to deliver incredible value to his customers in terms of service and experience.

“It’s a successful tool. I love having it.”

success story josh mannas

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