Brian Hettinger, Insurance Agent: Farm Bureau

Brian has been an insurance agent for many years and a successful CardTapp member for 9 months and counting. Recently he sat down to share with us his success story with our mobile marketing solution.

Brian’s story starts with what he described as “every sales person’s worst nightmare.” Brian explained, “I found myself out at dinner one night and I was talking to a prospect who asked for a card. All I had was one that had been [in my pocket] forever and was all bent up.”

Now I have endless business cards in my back pocket.

This encounter led Brian to seek something that was more forward-thinking and sustainable. “I went and did some research and that’s when I came across CardTapp. It gives me so much peace of mind — always knowing that I have endless business cards in my back pocket, so-to-speak, at all times.”

But by far, his favorite aspect of CardTapp is TappTracker. With this tracking feature, he can now “turn a cold lead into a warm lead.”

I love tracking it for buying signals.

TappTracker’s invaluable insights have helped Brian secure new leads and expand his book of business. He explains, “I love tracking it for buying signals. I know if they’re looking at new products or if they’re just looking at general information. Knowing when they’re looking to expand helps me to follow up fast and earn more of their business. Speed is important – you need to get them when it’s hot on their mind before they have other things they need to deal with. CardTapp sends me crucial information in real-time.”

CardTapp sends me crucial information in real-time.

Brian ends his story with one piece advice for any agents out there struggling with whether CardTapp’s mobile marketing solution is for them. “CardTapp is huge. I believe every agent dealing with customers should have something like this in their pocket.”