Andy Rice, Farm Bureau Agent

Andy had worked as an agent with Farm Bureau for a year and a half when he heard of a useful tool spreading through the insurance world called CardTapp. Andy soon signed up and has seen amazing results after just six months! He recently shared how CardTapp made a massive difference in his business.

When Andy first received the app, he recalls just how easy getting started was. “[The] app is very user-friendly for all ages. The downloading process itself is simple and feels very streamline-based off of where the all the material is being pulled from. The beauty of the app is that it consolidates existing Farm Bureau material off the Farm Bureau Home Page and puts it all in one app that is personalized to each agent.”

I feel it has given me more credibility in my community.

Beyond an easy to use platform for all, Andy recognizes how much the app improves his overall customer satisfaction for his business.
“I feel it has given me more credibility in my community and provides quick access to quoting. It makes my customers feel comfortable knowing they have a ton of useful information as well as immediate access to me. I am one tap away. ”

The tracking app that comes with it is awesome!

Though, by far, his favorite feature is TappTracker as it provides unmatched buying signals. “The tracking app that comes with it is awesome! Any moment a client with the app opens it I can track/monitor the clients’ every click. Great tool for follow up calls.”

I have tripled my quota!

Andy notes that the solution is incredibly profitable, on top of being easy to use and providing valuable insights. How profitable? “I’ve been focusing on using this app to build referral partnerships within my community not just amongst my clients. Not being from the town I service this is a big focal point for me. I have focused on sharing my app with dealerships, banking professionals, real estate agents and business owners.”

In our conversation with Andy, he also noted that he’s outranking the auto production expectations for his area — by a landslide! What does he credit it to? CardTapp. “For the last two quarters, I have tripled my quota! As we all know in the insurance business Autos, bring over other lines of business. I love this product.”

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