Making sure your business (and the correct information about it!) is discoverable by prospects is getting more complex. People don’t just go to the phone book like they used to — now, we have dozens and dozens of sources of information.

Too Many Information Sources to Manage

Your prospects are looking for you through maps, apps, voice search tools, digital assistants, search engines, GPS systems, social networks… the list these days is practically unending. Huge corporations have to deploy special teams to keep all their information across the digital landscape updated and protected from being overwritten by other information sources.

It’s no wonder 95% of people searching for a local business found information that was out of date or just plain incorrect.

When you’re running your little business out of your home office, it’s enough to just try to maintain your Facebook and Google profiles! Forget about all the other channels – it’s too much to keep up with.

Bad Listing Information to Correct

A Yext study of 5,849 loan officers’ online presence found that 58% of loan officers studied had no online presence at all and those with an online presence had significant errors:

  • 64% of business listings contained incorrect addresses
  • 46% had errors in business names
  • 42% had phone number errors
  • 9% of loan officer listings were duplicates

You can only imagine how many prospects are frustrated by the information they find about your business online — and how many opportunities are lost for the same reason.

It’s important to have a plan of attack when it comes to protecting and controlling your online presence and professional appearance online so that your prospects can find you — no matter where or how they’re searching for you — and can find accurate information about you.

Simplify Listing Management and Corrections

Our complete mobile marketing solution now offers the exciting benefit of listing management. How does it work? You just host your information and content in your CardTapp Tapper app. We take care of the rest! We’ll aggregate all your information and push it out to over 100 different information sources across the digital ecosystem. No headache for you.

Our platform monitors your information daily and manages attempts to overwrite, eliminates duplicate listings, and even allows you to create custom clickable featured messages across all your channels from one simple dashboard.

Highlighting special offers, showcasing seasonal items, driving inbound lead calls, and drawing attention to your unique business differentiators is a breeze. The best part is you don’t have to pay for search advertising. These featured messages are $0.00 cost per click.

On top of all these great incentives, we also monitor analytics for you on search queries, customer actions, searches and map views, phone calls, and average driving distance. Want to learn more about this solution? Contact our sales team at 888-660-1880 or request a personalized demonstration of the product by clicking here.