Did you know that the very first Earth Day took place on April 22, 1970? When Gaylord Nelson, Wisconsin’s democratic senator, was elected back in 1962, he made it clear that environmentalism was going to be a big part of his efforts as senator.

Earth Day has taken off since 1970 — the Earth Day Network works with 196 countries to preserve and restore the environment. One simple way to show a little love for our planet in honor of Earth Day is to vow to stop printing business cards!

Business cards? Yes, business cards.

Those little pieces of paper are more of an environmental nuisance than you probably realize — here’s some statistics that will blow your mind and get you to change your ways:

Reason #1: 1,650 Pounds of Garbage

The average American tosses away 4.5 pounds of garbage every single day — that’s almost 1,650 pounds every year!

Reason #2: 749 Pounds of Paper

Each person in the United States uses an average of 749 pounds of paper every year. That’s 187 billion pounds per year for the entire population.

Reason #3: 15 Billion Trees

93% of paper comes from trees – not recycled paper. We’re losing over 15 billion trees annually.

Reason #4: 50% of Business Waste

Of everything that the average business throws away each year, about 50% is composed of paper products. Paper also accounts for 25% of landfill waste. If that paper had been recycled instead, just 1 ton of paper saves 17 trees, 682.5 gallons of oil, and 26,500 liters of water.

Business Cards are Garbage

Reason #5: 27,397,260 Pieces of Garbage Printed Daily

That’s how many business cards are printed daily. In the U.S. alone, 10,000,000,000 business cards are printed every year.

Reason #6: 88% Business Cards Tossed within 1 Week

Only 12% of all the business cards you hand out stay in your prospect’s hands for longer than on week.

Reason #7: Only 2.5% Sales Increase

It takes an average of 2,000 business cards to get a 2.5% increase for company sales.

Reason #8: 9% Convert Your Card to a Digital Contact List

Why are business cards thrown away?

63% say they don’t need the service provided by the card giver.
24% say they plain don’t want to do business with the specific card giver.
4% give some other reason, and the remaining 9%? They added the information into a digital contact list.

Why not skip all the printing nonsense and get your contact information into the hands of the people who actually want it?

A Better Business Card

CardTapp’s personalized mobile apps show love to the planet and are way more effective and efficient. Bonus: you also get awesome real-time notifications when your app is shared or used, and you also collect a prospect’s contact information any time your app is shared!

Getting these kinds of insights when your “business card” is passed along helps you to have better conversations with prospects who are referred your way and keeps you in control of the follow up.

Stop wasting money on printing and adding to our landfill waste. Switch to a digital business card.

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