When a new movie comes out with your favorite actress, you know you’ll be in for a treat. Not only do you get a brand new movie to enjoy, but you can expect the actress to show up everywhere – on all the hot talk shows, in all the popular magazines.

What if you could feel a glimpse of the movie star life while you promote your business?

Get Interviewed Like a Movie Star to Increase Mobile Client Acquisition

Movie stars’ main avenue of promoting a movie is getting interviewed. In the online world, there are opportunities for you to do the same.

Get Interviewed by Online Talk Show Hosts

The Internet allows pretty much anyone to start their own TV show (better known as a YouTube channel) or radio show (better known as a podcast). Some businesses have managed to build up quite the audience, and they need experts to come on their shows and provide value for that audience.

Search up Google, iTunes and YouTube, and make a list of shows you could be a good fit for. Then, pitch them an interview session, explaining what your topics of expertise are and how they can serve the show’s audience.

It’s common that, at the end of the show, you get to say where people can learn more about you or download some free resource, and that’s the perfect time to encourage them to download your app.

Get Interviewed by Your New Fans

Getting interviewed by online talk show hosts is better than getting a referral here or there, because when they feature you on their show, they’re basically telling the world how valuable what you have to offer is. In a way, it’s like the host is giving referrals to tens or hundreds of thousands of people at once.

But what happens when this big audience gets to interact with you? Say, by doing a live Q&A session on the host’s Instagram account or LinkedIn group?

The audience gets to feel like it knows you. An emotional connection is built, and you can easily refer them to the right place in your app to learn more, which, once again, drives up your mobile client acquisition rates.

Create Content Like a Movie Star to Promote Your Business

When movie stars show up on TV shows and in magazines, they’re basically helping producers and writers create content for a mass audience. You can do the same for the industry leaders in your field.

Write Guest Posts for Other Businesses’ Audiences

Industry leaders usually have a big following, and that following usually expects a lot of quality content on a regular basis. So industry leaders offer guest posts, where other businesses can publish articles in exchange for a byline.

But while the audience of TV talk shows wants to know more about the movie star, the audience of industry leaders wants to hear less about you and more about a solution to a problem they have.

So stay focused on that, and save the information about your business to the byline paragraph at the bottom. Now, after you’ve provided authentic value, you get to boost your mobile client acquisition rates by linking to a page where readers can download your app.

Host Webinars for Other Businesses’ Audiences

Guest posts are great, but you can only use each guest post once. However, you can present webinars – live online presentations – over and over again, both to your audience and other businesses’ audiences.

Plus, webinars are the closest thing to personal interaction, because you answer prospects’ questions live. They’re like the social media Q&As on steroids.

And again, you’ve got to think about it as a referral, because the business with that big audience is trusting you to provide at least the same quality of content as it does. That’s what the audience expects, and therefore it trusts you immediately when the industry leader recommends they participate in your webinar.

If you deliver, they’ll check out your app.

Create Buzz Like a Movie Star for Exponential Mobile Client Acquisition Growth

To create movie star buzz, don’t just show up on one podcast or one blog. Plan it in advance, so you can show up on multiple podcasts, YouTube channels, blogs, webinars and social media accounts at once.

Many of it can be prepared in advance, and what requires live interaction can be scheduled to take place on the same week or month as everything else.

This could be a great way to start your journey to promote your business, and get a large number of app downloads at once.