It’s very common for law practices to get most of their business from repeat clients and the referrals they send your way. But it usually doesn’t just magically happen on its own.

Quality service is the first step to a practice that constantly generates leads. Here are the next few steps you need to take to leverage your community and network for exponential business growth.

1. Take Care of Your Clients’ Deeper Needs

People often need lawyers for crucial life transitions and events, like a divorce or a criminal trial. They need your law expertise to make sure their rights are protected and their futures are saved, but that’s not all they need.

People who go through crisis often crave to feel they’re not the only ones going through that. While it’s easy to get that logically, sometimes it feels like they are alone in the world, especially if they don’t know anybody else in their situation.

2. Show Them They’re Not Alone

As a lawyer, you probably know many people in the same situation. With your clients’ permission, consider introducing them to one another, or hosting events where they can get to know and support each other.

3. Gather Them Online to Make it Easier for Them and More Productive for You

If an offline community is too much, invite your clients to connect with one another – anonymously if they want – through your mobile app.

Face to face encounters have their advantages, but a mobile app enables you to stay in touch with them long term, plus it helps you increase mobile client acquisition if they do get to know others who need your services and refer them to your mobile community.

4. Tell Complementing Businesses About Your Community

To get more people supporting the clients in your community, reach out to complementing businesses and let them know about your app. Therapists and coaches who specialize in couples’ treatment, life after divorce or blended families could be great resources for referrals to your divorce support community, for example.

In exchange, you can advertise these therapists and coaches’ services, so they can get referrals too if someone in your group feels like she or he needs more a professional one on one emotional support.

5. Provide Free Professional Help from Complementing Businesses

A couple who’s going through a divorce has a lot of concerns. Each of the partners is going through an emotional upheaval, finances will probably be more challenging from now on, and their kids might be blaming themselves.

To support your clients, offer free professional services from complementing businesses. A financial advisor could come to your support community for a Q&A on handling finances after a divorce. That will help her promote her own business and generate mobile client acquisition, as she invites your community to check out her app at the end of the Q&A. At the same time, she’ll help you work on yours, referring her own clients to attend the Q&A on your app.

Similarly, invite complementing professionals to provide posts for your blog, or be interviewed as guests on your podcast. The more holistic value you provide, the more your clients will have a reason to stick around and send you referrals.

6. Arrange Discounted Complementing Services in Exchange for Referrals

To encourage clients to bring in their friends, keep developing partnerships with fellow business owners in your area.

7. Invite Complementing Businesses to Be Your Referral Incentive

Participants in the divorce support group on your app could get a discounted fee from a child psychologist for their kids’ treatment when they refer other clients your way, for example. The child psychologist would offer the discount in exchange for the referral.

This way, you get to provide a referral incentive that doesn’t cost you a thing, and the child psychologist saves on marketing budget and time.

8. Be Other Businesses’ Referral Incentive

Now switch the roles. Offer discounted services in your own business in exchange for referrals to other professionals, and pretty soon, your entire network will be increasing mobile client acquisition and sales, all the while providing additional benefits and discounts to your clients.