This has been a busy season of product release after product release!

In case you missed them, we launched:

  1. Business Edition on April 6, 2017
    • Our flagship product, Professional Edition, has earned the love of our members and their users for improving customer experience, staying top of mind, streamlining service, getting buying signals, and earning more referrals. On top of all these benefits for the customer-facing company representative, Business Edition brings an enterprise solution for teams of professionals and a manager dashboard to monitor use, manage app customizations, and even insert leads into the company CRM. 
  2. EasyText on April 20, 2017
    • EasyText is a supplemental feature that can be activated by any member, whether they have Business Edition or Professional Edition. EasyText equips the subscriber with a simple means to share their app when they can’t share one-to-one: a short code and unique keyword. Plus, when EasyText is used, the information is immediately synced with TappTracker and the online dashboard. Capturing leads via radio, magazine, billboard, and even sky writing advertising just got a whole lot easier!

This week, we’re excited to add our third exciting feature of the year to the mix for our members: CoBranding.

What is CardTapp CoBranding?

There’s a proverbial saying, “two are better than one.” And it’s true.

When you work with referral partners and other business affiliates, your business grows faster than it does if you try to go it alone.

Which is why we’re excited to bring you CardTapp’s new CoBranding feature.

CoBranding allows you to make many variations of your app that feature different referral partners, giving even more incentive for sharing your app!

How the New CoBranding Feature Works

Maybe you’re a real estate agent who frequently gets referrals from a moving company, a home stager, and a loan officer. Simply share your app with the moving company representative, the home stager, and the mortgage professional.

Once they’re in your tapper list, you simply log into your dashboard and upgrade them a cobrander. From here, you will be able to add their photo, logo, contact information, etc.

When you go to share your app, you can opt to share any of these three variations with your next lead! Your app will show your virtual business card at the top with your cobrander’s virtual business card just below it.

Now you can bring the power of your partnerships to your app, earn loyalty with your cobranders, and discover who your most influential business partners really are!

Contact us today to find out how to sign up and activate CoBranding for your app!

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