So you’ve set up an app and you’ve brought in some traffic, but prospects take a quick look and then leave. What can you do to create some engagement, so you can get more purchases through your app?

Add an “About” Tab… That’s Not About You
how to sell more with a mobile app

An “about” page is often the second most viewed page on websites (after the home page) for a reason. People want to know who they’re buying from. They want to read the story behind the business, and they want to know how it can help them.

Don’t neglect this page or its key principals when you’re working on your mobile app. This is your place to shine some personality and tell your story, so you can humanize your company, but always remember that it’s never really about you.

On a website or in a mobile app, your “about” page is meant to help prospects understand how your experience, values and personality can help them reach their goals.

Offer a Behind the Scenes Invitation

Behind the scenes look at movies and TV shows have always been popular, and communication has only become more personal as time progresses. When it comes to mobile client acquisition, humanizing your brand is often the way to go.

It doesn’t mean you have to talk about your kids, your girlfriend or your dog. You can show images from your business activities, like the pile of papers on your desk, the blank screen you face in the morning, a funny sculpture in a house you’re showing, your indecision between two shirts before going to speak at a conference, or the business book you’re currently reading.

Invite people on your journey, and you’ll be able to build emotional connections and trust, which ultimately lead to sales.

Provide Practical Tips on Your Mobile App

One of the top ways to build trust is to share your knowledge. Focus on the value you can deliver prospective and current customers, so they can see you know what you talk about.

The best tips you can share are those that will help them reach actual results, so make an effort to focus on practical tips. Even a small win matters, because it associates your brand with a positive experience.

To find out what prospects want to know, listen in on their online conversations (think message boards, Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups), read their comments on competitors’ blogs, and see what topics get shared most on social media.

Once you provide value on a regular basis, you’re bound to generate some referrals and increase mobile client acquisition, because people will feel confident about recommending your app to their network.

Share Customer Success Stories

If you’ve been in business for a while, you’ve probably been asked, “Have you helped clients like me before?” When you share customer success stories, it’s easy to prove how you can help prospective customers get results.

Interview satisfied clients in every category you serve, and turn those interviews into articles your can include in your app. Your own words only carry so much weight, but customers who share their journey from where prospects are now to where they want to be are in a perfect position to ease purchase pains and encourage deal closing.