Do you know where your referrals are coming from?BLOG AD V3

When you know who your most active and influential referral sources are, you can leverage those relationships more strategically. Being able to track and measure their performance is essential to keeping you from pouring into the wrong relationships.

Accelerating Your Business Growth

CardTapp’s Accelerator Package has been amplifying the ease of referral capture for our members. Because of great features like Co-Branding and EasyText, you can easily share your app with large groups and leverage the influence of referral partners.

CardTapp members who have opted in to the Accelerator Package have been getting your apps into more hands, faster.

Now we’ve added easier tracking of these features in your member’s app, TappTracker, for better visibility and quick reference when you’re getting ready to follow up on a new lead!

You’ll want to upgrade to this if you haven’t already. Find out more information or sign up here.

How to Track EasyText Keywords and CoBranding from TappTracker

Here’s how easy it is to track EasyText and Co-Branding use from TappTracker!

Watch for real-time push notifications from TappTracker that look like this: 

When you open up your timeline, you’ll see alerts like this: 

If you want to dig more deeply into a particular Tapper record, you can see this information here, too! (Not familiar with the lingo? A “Tapper” is anyone whose ever had the app shared to them, whether they downloaded it or not.)

Have more questions about how it works? Request a demo today!