Think Instagram is all about sunset and food photos?

Think again.

When practiced well, Instagram can help you increase your app downloads and acquire more prospects and clients through mobile!

Use Your Instagram to Establish Yourself as an Authority in Your Field

Instagram is all about beautiful, high quality images, which you can take yourself or find on stock photo sites. Use this channel to inspire your prospects and provide them with practical tips.

Let’s say you’re an insurance broker. If you sell home insurance, add photos of beautiful home renovations, and use the description field to provide tips on safety or educate prospects on getting coverage for the professionals who help them renovate their homes. If you provide life insurance, you could use travel photos to give travel safety tips as well and provide a link to download your app in your profile so they can get access to even more great tips!

Here’s how it helps you increase mobile client acquisition: when prospects see you’re not using Instagram to over-sell, but mostly to provide value, they’ll grow to trust you. They’ll be open to downloading your app because they trust you as an authority and want more advice from you.

That, in turn, will help you stay top of mind with them, so when the time comes to buy insurance, they’ll choose you over your competitors.

Ask Instagram Followers for App Downloads

But for Instagram to actually boost your app downloads, you need to actually ask followers to download your app.

First, add a link to the landing page where they can download your app in your bio – this is the only place in your Instagram profile where you can add a clickable link. But don’t just add a link. Instead, shortly write how clicking the link is beneficial for followers.

If you’re a car salesman who specializes in hybrid and electric luxury cars, create a guide about the top mistakes people make when they purchase a new electric vehicle (and how to avoid them). To get the guide, prospects need to download your app, but your call to action (CTA) isn’t “Download my app”. It’s “Get the free guide” or “Find out what are the top mistakes people make when purchasing a new electric vehicle (& how to avoid them)”.

Once you have the guide, create several images that you can use to promote it.

Most of your Instagram images need to be about pure value. The only calls to action you should ever present is for them to like your image or leave a comment. But every once in a while, it’s OK to take care of your bottom line and leverage the trust you’ve built with your followers to acquire new business!

In these cases, use the images that you created to invite people to download your app. Use a different image and different text on the image each time, to provide an element of surprise and to keep prospects from ignoring the images that focus on lead generation.

Engage with Prospective Clients and Partners

For Instagram to be worth your while, you need a decent amount of followers, as not everybody who follows you will end up downloading your app or becoming a client.

To get followers, see who follows your competitors or complementary business owners, and start following these followers. Then, engage with them. Don’t just like their photos, but actually leave thoughtful comments. This will help you stand out and, eventually, some of them might follow you back.

You obviously can’t do that with hundreds or thousands of people, so do some research online and qualify the prospects you intend to spend the most time nurturing.

That said, it’s just as important to connect with potential partners on Instagram. If you’re a contractor, connect with mortgage banks, real estate agents, lawyers, and interior designers. As time goes on and your relationships grow stronger, they will be able to help you promote your business. It’s much easier to increase mobile client acquisition when you collaborate with fellow businesses than when you venture into social media marketing completely on your own.