Finding home sellers is one of the most referral dependent-processes.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, it’s time to prioritize mobile client acquisition by ensuring your app includes what home sellers need to know.

Show Real Prices of Homes like Theirs

Get in their shoes for a minute.

The common way to try to understand market prices is to look up online listings and see what’s out there. If the seller’s neighbors are selling for $500,000 and they know the neighbor’s house is smaller than theirs, they’ll probably want to price higher.

But what sellers often don’t think about – especially if they’ve been out of the real estate game for a while – is that people will often price their homes higher than their desired close rate, and many sellers price their homes way too high. When a home is priced too high, it slows buyers from looking and making offers.

Mobile client acquisition becomes easier when you become the trusted voice that tells prospects the truth. If you’re able to provide sellers with a better idea of what they can really get for their home, they will list the asking price more closely to the actual value — and sell faster, which makes you look good because the property didn’t sit. Translation: they’ll have more confidence in your knowledge of the market to commit to working with you when they are ready to buy their next property.

Plus, there’s a good chance they’ll refer another client to you who needs a trustworthy real estate agent with a great understanding of the market.

Prepare Their Home for a Buyer’s Visit

There’s no question that it’s in everyone’s best interest for the seller’s home to look its best when potential buyers stop by.

Your mobile app is the perfect place to offer a series of tips, tools, and incentives to help sellers get the best price or shorten the sales cycle.

For example, you could feature success stories of sellers who made home renovations and ended up selling for a higher price than their original asking price. Staging your home for selling not only increases the perceived value of the home so you sell at a higher price, it also cuts down the listing time. The less time their house spends aging on the market, the more grateful they’ll be for a job well done, and the more referrals they’ll send your way!

Another great resource you could offer is a list of simple tips to make a home look more appealing to buyers for $10,000, $1,000, $100 or less. Better yet, create affiliate links to send referrals to interior designers who specialize in staging homes for buyer visits. Not only do you help your potential customers feel more prepared to sell, but you also build relationships and pave the way for more referrals through the home staging professional’s network.

The Homes They Can Buy from You (and Your Referral Partners) After They Sell

People sell their homes for all kinds of different reasons. Empty nesters want a smaller space, a growing family needs more space, and people changing jobs or incomes might mean moving to a bigger place, downgrading, or simply moving to a different city or state. Whatever the reason, they need a new place to call home – and who better to help them find it than you?

When you can help the same prospect facilitate two deals at once, make sure your app includes alternative home options for as many scenarios as possible. If you sell homes in more than one neighborhood or city, include neighborhood statistics and cover the available and nearby amenities so your prospects can imagine what it would be like to live there.

In addition, partner with real estate professionals in other areas, and do your best to refer prospects to one another. Featuring referral partners on your app helps you track what prospects are interested in so you can contact them directly and make a educated recommendation, which helps you keep track of referral commissions and makes you look great in the process!