We’re constantly learning creative ways that CardTapp members are using the solution to solve business problems or achieve new goals.

No matter how long you’ve had your app, here’s some hacks you might not already be implementing that will help you get even more ROI out of it.

Send Lots of Text Messages from TappTracker

Since the Tapper app is shared via text message, you’re guaranteed to have the cell phone number of every one of your prospects who your app has been shared with. Use it!

A lot of people don’t take SMS seriously when it comes to business, but we should. Why?

Reason #1 – to close more business. Did you know that prospects who receive text messages close at a 40% higher rate than those who never receive text messages? Sending a text or two could actually connect you to a prospect and lock down a deal.

Reason #2 – to step up your customer service game. Most people are open to texting for customer support and more than half (52%) report that they would actually prefer texting customer support over their current form of communication.

If your business relies on referrals to any degree, keeping current customers and keeping those customers happy should be an essential part of your day-to-day focuses and being available for a text or two could bring a ground swell of customer appreciation that leads to higher retention and more business down the line.

If you haven’t heard already, CardTapp has released a new Bulk SMS Marketing feature that makes it easy to send texts that look personalized to any size group of your app users — and you can send messages from your mobile phone or from your desktop dashboard. Everything is logged in the CardTapp platform for easy reference later, too. Find out more here.

Get Proactive While You’re Tracking Activity in Real-Time

Too many push notifications can definitely get annoying. That’s why we made it possible for you to customize your app usage notifications to your preference, but leaving some alerts in real-time can have major incentives.

Incentive #1 – proactive “upselling” current customers. Each tap in your app is a clue into what your prospects and current customers are interested in. Watch closely and you could see clues for opportunities to close new business or upsell current customers.

For example, if you sell supplemental insurance benefits, you might catch one of your current life plan policyholders tapping around on information for family planning or information about short term disability and hospital benefits. Or better yet, you might see an HR Director at an account you own looking at a policy they haven’t made available to their employees yet.

Cha-ching! You’ve just found a great in-road to follow up and have a conversation with a hot lead about signing up for new policies.

Incentive #2 – mind-blowing, proactive customer service. As you watch a customer poke around on your app, you might see them tapping on the same material over and over or you might see them tap on “submit a request.”

This is a great time to just give them a call in the moment and help them get what they need. Whether you deliver the help they needed or it turned out to be just a nice courtesy call, this is a great time to ask for referrals, too! You might be surprised with a few referrals that were the direct result of your proactive follow up.

Build Strategic Partnerships and Leverage Them for Referrals

The number one rule for success with your app is to share it. It’s like a gym membership; it doesn’t do you any good unless you use it.

But who do you share it with first? And how do you incentivize people to share your app on your behalf?

You can share your app with anyone, but it’s always best to get started with the people who are already sending you business. If you are a mortgage loan originator, getting your real estate agents is a no-brainer.

If you are an insurance agent, you might get a lot of referrals from HR teams at accounts you manage or from collision centers. These are the people who need to have and know how to share your app.

You can also incentivize referral partners with features like Co-Branding and unique EasyText keywords for those more popular partners. Having their face and contact information on the app will make them more interested in sharing it on your behalf and getting a unique co-branded keyword to share that version of your app will help leverage their interest.

Monitor In-App Usage to Test, Customize, and Follow Up

It’s easy to make customizations to your app and those changes are immediate. This works out very nicely when you update your website, get a new profile photo, move office locations, or change your phone number.

However, you can also make strategic changes to the layout of your app to get better use. Just monitor your in-app activity of your users for a few months and then customize your app based on the interests and needs of the users.

You might have a button on the last tab that people seem to be digging around for or a button on the home screen that’s getting zero love. You could also be adding some extra steps by re-directing people from your app to a page of your website to download forms and noticing you’re never seeing those customers’ forms come in. You might also discover some broken links to fix!

You can easily move buttons from the last page to the home screen (or vice versa), hide or delete buttons, upload popular forms to your app for faster downloads, and much more. As you monitor and test usage, you’ll come closer and closer to building a tool that your customers and prospects won’t want to be without.

Lastly, you should always ask your customers about their experiences with your app. The people who are using it and the people who aren’t alike — they will all have feedback about what they like and what they don’t. The best apps will be designed with your app users in mind, not you.

Take Advantage of Our World-Class Customer Success Team

Did you know we have a team dedicated to helping you get the most out of our complete mobile marketing solution? We want you to have success with our products and we’re here to help.

You can call, email, or even text in your questions or comments! You should be getting periodic contact from us via email and text. Anytime you need assistance, simply reply to the email or SMS message directly with whatever your need.

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