We have all sent off a cold email with hopes that email resonates with our prospect. However, if you’re finding that your cold emails are just not producing the response rate you had hoped maybe it’s time to change it up! Check out these powerful phrases that are proven to increase responses on cold emails!

“What is your companies top priority currently?”

By starting off the conversation by identifying a prospects top priorities it allows you to deep dive into their goals. Once you’ve recognized and acknowledged their goals you can better align your product to your prospects wants and needs.

“What are your thoughts on… ”

In order to keep the conversation moving forward, asking a small question is a great move. It could be anything from asking their thoughts on next steps or even asking them what they think of a short blog post that ties back to your product or service.

“After researching your business … ”

Know your target and don’t be afraid to showcase your knowledge! When you position yourself as someone who has already spent time qualifying them as a prospect you add credibility and improve engagement.

“Are you attending [event]?”

If you plan on attending an industry event this phrase is a great way to make a connection prior. It also allows you an opportunity to set something up beforehand. Attending the same events as your targets also helps you build credibility with prospects