Every business experiences it at one point or another. You hustle for work, then you hustle some more, and then you get so much work at once that you have to turn prospects away.

You’re not doing any marketing, because if you had time, you would’ve taken on more work while it’s still available. You’re proud of yourself for this success, but as you celebrate it, you also look ahead into the next quarter or the next year, and wonder if you’ll once again find yourself back facing months of not enough client work.

How do you find time for marketing when your business is flourishing?

Prioritize the Top Missing Links to a Guaranteed Feast
marketing for a guaranteed feast later

Sometimes it’s easy to replicate what went right. You ran a guest post campaign and it brought in hot leads. Therefore, you know it’s probably a good idea to run another guest posting campaign.

But sometimes your schedule fills up when someone you met last year at a conference referred a client, who happened to know three other people who could use your services. And that first referral came from someone you haven’t even kept in touch with, so you know it was pretty rare.

In this case, analyze what stopped you from succeeding before. How did you market your services? If all you did for mobile client acquisition was run ads that didn’t convert into clients, maybe it’s time to learn how to write better ad copy, or how to build long lasting relationships with your target audience – say, by building an email list or inviting them to download your app.

When you’re busy with business, there’s only so much else you can take on outside of client-facing work, and you don’t want to spread yourself too thin. Take the pressure off by only focusing on 1-2 marketing activities. Do them consistently, and you’ll be more prepared next time work starts winding down.

Review and Change Your Schedule

We live in a time when “busy” is the way to go, but what matters isn’t how busy you are. What matters is what you are busy doing. Therefore, analyze your schedule and see how much time you dedicate to each daily or weekly activity.

It’s possible you can cut your breaks by 30 minutes a day, and use that time for marketing. Or maybe you can get up an hour earlier every day, and have 5 extra hours a week for marketing.
If you can outsource some responsibilities, do it. Otherwise, figure out what works and what doesn’t for you, and set yourself for success.

For example, if you leave marketing work for the evening because you want to prioritize client work, but never end up getting to your marketing work… move marketing tasks to the morning. You know you’ll find a way to get client work done on time anyway. It’s just easier to be accountable to others than to ourselves.

Get Accountability Buddies

Making changes like that on our own can be tough. Participate in online groups and offline meetups to find business owners in the same situation as you are, and start an accountability group. Report to each other every week what your goals are and how last week went.

It’s not unlikely that you’ll end up advancing your marketing agenda just so you won’t be the only one in the group who fell behind on goals.

As a motivational bonus, start an accountability group with business owners in complementing industries, so you can learn more about your prospects’ needs, and share client referrals with one another.