Contractors are out on the field, building customers’ visions, every day. But sometimes it’s important to step back and make some time for your own long term vision. To generate hot leads that convert into customers and send referrals your way, you’ve got to prove to them that you’re committed to their success before they even pay you one dollar.

Here’s how to do that with your contractor app.

Show Proof that You Can Realize Dreams

One of the biggest challenges in sales is getting prospective customers to trust your solution. How can they know they’ll like the final product, or that you have what it takes to realize their dreams?

If they got to you through a referral, it makes things easier, because they already know someone who trusts your work and maybe even experienced it herself. But some will still need further proof. After all, working with a contractor often requires a very large monetary investment.

Upload Before and After Photos

For contractors, it’s easier to provide that than some other professionals, because your work is very visual. By uploading photos to your app, you can show prospects what a house you worked on looked like before you started, and what it’s like now that you’re done.

If you’ve built a house from scratch, you can feature images from different stages of construction, to allow them to imagine what the process would look like, and how it gradually progresses to the real home they’ve always dreamed to have.

Include Testimonials and Case Studies

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but some prospects are more suspicious than others. To let them know the photos truly represent your work, and that the process behind them was to your customers’ satisfaction, add trustworthy testimonials and case studies to your app whenever you can.

Not only will your prospects be able to connect with you emotionally through their peers’ success stories, but they’ll probably send over some referrals if they hear about other people who want to know what’s possible when working with a contractor. That’s a great way to increase your mobile client acquisition. blog ad v4 referral testimonial

Provide “How To” Guides and Initiate Cross-Promotion

Working with a contractor is a big decision. Families and businesses need to prepare for it, maybe move while construction takes place, and get the new structure ready for the move back when it’s done.

To increase mobile client acquisition and generate leads that send you referrals, your app needs to become the go-to source for everything they need to know to become your next success story.

Answer Customers’ Burning Questions

Start by writing down all the common questions you repeatedly get: how you’ll cause as little damage as possible to the house or business, how long construction takes in particular situations, what customers need to prepare in advance, what they need to do during construction, etc.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even develop blog posts, ebooks, YouTube videos, podcasts, or webinars on these topics. But just starting with the most important information to help answer common questions will show your value to your potential customers.

If you want to be a true leader in your industry and get even more referrals, go beyond your particular scope and create “how to” guides for complementary areas. For example, teach them about designing their new space, dealing with kids’ (or their own) anxiety during a move to a temporary house, how to clean a new space quickly after construction, and how to budget or get a loan for construction work.

You’ll increase mobile client acquisition because prospects actually need answers to these questions. They’ll want to download your app, so they can learn more.

Strategically Partner with Business Owners for Cross-Promotion

If this sounds overwhelming, consider brainstorming ways to turn it into an opportunity. For example, instead of learning about a bunch of new fields, you can partner with other professionals in your area, and write guides for each other’s apps.

You’ll all generate greater mobile client acquisition once you each send your audience to read your guides on other professionals’ apps. While you’ll be sending referrals to loan officers, insurance officers, mortgage banks, financial planners, real estate agents, lawyers, interior designers and cleaning companies, they’ll be sending referrals right back to you.

And all that – through non-salesy “how to” guides for a contractor app that give actual value to prospects, and position you as an authority in your field.