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3 Ways To Sell More Policies With CardTapp

CardTapp has helped thousands of insurance agents expand their referral networks, close more new business, and grow current policyholders accounts. Here are three ways CardTapp’s complete mobile marketing solution helps agents add new clients and expand their current relationships 1. TappTracker With a purchase of the CardTapp personalized app, all members receive the TappTracker app….

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Insurance Agent Triples Auto Policies in 1 Quarter with CardTapp App

Andy Rice, Farm Bureau Agent Andy had worked as an agent with Farm Bureau for a year and a half when he heard of a useful tool spreading through the insurance world called CardTapp. Andy soon signed up and has seen amazing results after just six months! He recently shared how CardTapp made a massive…

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Insurance Agent Finds “Holy Grail” of Mobile Marketing Solutions

Brian Hettinger, Insurance Agent: Farm Bureau Brian has been an insurance agent for many years and a successful CardTapp member for 9 months and counting. Recently he sat down to share with us his success story with our mobile marketing solution. Brian’s story starts with what he described as “every sales person’s worst nightmare.” Brian…

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get better roi out of your cardtapp app

5 Ways to Immediately Get More ROI Out of Your App

We’re constantly learning creative ways that CardTapp members are using the solution to solve business problems or achieve new goals. No matter how long you’ve had your app, here’s some hacks you might not already be implementing that will help you get even more ROI out of it. Send Lots of Text Messages from TappTracker…

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referral partnerships

How to Leverage the Influence of Referral Partners

Do you know where your referrals are coming from? When you know who your most active and influential referral sources are, you can leverage those relationships more strategically. Being able to track and measure their performance is essential to keeping you from pouring into the wrong relationships. Accelerating Your¬†Business Growth CardTapp’s Accelerator Package has been…

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