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5 Apps That Will Make You More Productive

OmniFocus This app helps you stay focused and organized while providing a platform that is quick and easy to use. It can sync data between different macs, create tasks, work with your calendar seamlessly. It’s everything you need to really get stuff done! CardTapp They’re many different ways to gain an understanding of your team’s…

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How to Become a Sales Networking All-Star

Quality VS Quantity Many people think that networking is all about racking up the most business cards and adding everyone on Linkedin. However, effective networking isn’t about meeting the most clients possible, it’s about the quality of who you are making connections with. An all-star networker knows that its all about quality of the contact…

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Top 5 Posts You Might Have Missed from the CardTapp Blog

Missed one of our favorite blogs? Don’t worry we’ve compiled a short list of all the must-reads for any business or sales rep! 3 Proven Behaviors for Successful Sales Calls The team at ThinkGrowth studied 6 months of sales calls across 7 different companies and built a massive data set that included topics, key moments,…

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3 Sales Call Mistakes You May Be Making

Every rep makes mistakes during their sales calls from time to time. But if you want to be a master when it comes to sales calls avoid these 3 common mistakes! Ignoring Objections As a sales rep you are bound to face objections, but ignoring them to jump into your pitch is a big mistake….

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How To Optimize Your Social Channels For Social Selling

From morning commutes to lunch meetings, to right before we fall asleep, 91% of adult have their mobile phones within an arm’s reach 24/7. The need to be constantly connected has grown immensely and those who know how to capitalize on social tools are those who will become successful. Check out a few ways you can…

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