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The Top 4 Sales Trends Of 2018

1. Account-Based Selling Account based selling is growing in popularity as people begin to see the benefits associated with selling to highly targeted accounts. This targeting gives companies more time to tailor there messaging and positioning of their product or service in the best light resulting in a higher closing rate. Growing those key account…

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2 Ways to Excel in Customer Support and Service: A Case Study of CardTapp Members

There’s arguably nothing more essential to the longevity of a business than their ability to execute when it comes to customer service and support. Last year, we made a lot of changes to the way our Customer Success team operates and were pleasantly surprised at just how positively our members reacted to those changes. Here’s…

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increase engagement with your app

How to Increase Activity on Your App for Every Stage of the Buying Journey

If you’ve been a member with us for any amount of time, you’ve heard us reminding you to share, share, share that app! While sharing your app regularly is essential to your success, it’s also important to make your app engaging so that you see more activity on it once it’s shared. Why? More activity…

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Why Reliable Customer Experiences are Key for Earning Referrals

Want Others to Promote You? 3 Reasons Why Creating a Reliable Customer Experience Is Essential

We live in a busy, demanding, and uncertain world.¬†Today, people are looking for service partners and providers who bring stability and reliability to their needs and personal goals — people who promise to take care of the things that they want to take care of, too. This experience of consistency and reliability often gets overlooked…

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4 Ways to Build Your Brand and Grow Your Business with a Shoestring Budget

Building a brand without dropping huge investments into marketing and advertising isn’t easily accomplished. Zara, Costco, and Trader Joe’s are all companies with dismal marketing spends with hugely successful brand awareness. But little mom-and-pop shops, small business owners, and “solo-preneurs” don’t really even have the option to build a brand for themselves if they wanted…

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