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what is DX vs CX

2 Ways to Tap into DX to Capture, Close, and Retain More Clients

Most insurance professionals are familiar with CX (customer experience) because it’s an integral part of their business, but more and more CX is moving toward DX (digital experience). Customer experience is all customers interactions, each touchpoint they experience with your organization. While DX refers to all interactions customers have on a digital platform. This includes…

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get better roi out of your cardtapp app

5 Ways to Immediately Get More ROI Out of Your App

We’re constantly learning creative ways that CardTapp members are using the solution to solve business problems or achieve new goals. No matter how long you’ve had your app, here’s some hacks you might not already be implementing that will help you get even more ROI out of it. Send Lots of Text Messages from TappTracker…

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mortgage customer satisfaction

How to Combat the Trending Decline of Mortgage Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of the key factors in a successful business. Having excellent customer satisfaction ratings can mean more time saved, valuable insights into your customer’s sales cycle, and more money. Higher Satisfaction Ratings Mean Better Business Customer satisfaction is one of the leading indicators of a consumer’s intentions to repurchase/renew and their loyalty…

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how to grow your referrals fast

How to Accelerate Your Organic Referral Lead Capture: The Weichert Case Study

The CardTapp complete mobile marketing solution is designed to accelerate your networking capabilities through organic referral lead growth as you share you app. We love watching this happen in real time. We recently studied the activities of a member who uses our solution to grow his leads and find more networking opportunities. Alexander Arcelay is…

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take sms marketing and texting seriously

3 Reasons Why You Need to Start Taking SMS Seriously for Your Business

Did you know that, on average, 60 percent of iphone users and 40% of android users are opting out of push notifications? It’s no secret: people find push notifications annoying. 1. Push Notifications aren’t Just Annoying – They’re Risky Just how annoying? 46% of people disable an app’s push notifications after receiving just 2-5 alerts…

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