Reid Fredrickson, Author at CardTapp

Author: Reid Fredrickson

CardTapp and Usherpa Launch Integration Partnership to Help Mortgage and Real Estate Professionals Close More Deals with Less Effort

CardTapp, a mobile marketing and customer engagement platform, launched an integration with Usherpa’s marketing CRM. These tools operate in harmony to save loan officers’ time, maximize referrals, and automate marketing at scale. CardTapp’s partnership with Usherpa leverages prospect and customer interactions to drive data into the powerful CRM. This integration seamlessly adds new contacts to Usherpa’s marketing…

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CardTapp and Total Expert Announce Integration Partnership Creating a Complete and Automated Digital Customer Journey

CardTapp, a mobile marketing and customer engagement platform, today launched an integration with Total Expert’s Marketing Operations System. Together these cutting edge companies create a seamless customer journey using CardTapp’s consumer facing mobile solution and Total Expert’s robust suite of marketing and sales tools. The partnership leverages prospect interactions to create unique borrower experiences based…

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lawyers ambulance chasing

How to Pave a Path for Hot Leads with a Personal App for Lawyers

Ambulance chasing is bad business and will get you disbarred. If you’re not an attorney, ambulance chasing is a term derived from the practice of following the path of a disaster. This practice isn’t good for you, your business, or the people involved. But when you’re just getting started or trying to get new business,…

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