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Author: Ayelet Weisz

How to Get More Business Insurance Brokers

2 Marketing Strategies for Insurance Brokers Who Want More Referrals

Most people who aren’t insurance brokers don’t want to talk about insurance, even though they know they sometimes have to. By positioning yourself as an industry leader who gets what really matters to them, you can make insurance talk less uncomfortable, so it’ll be easier for them to make a purchase or refer others when…

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What’s an Omnichannel Customer Experience and How it Can Help You Increase Referrals

What’s an Omnichannel Customer Experience and How Can it Help You Increase Referrals?

These days, customers expect you to be everywhere they are – and they are literally everywhere. They’re using 2-5 devices at a time, they’re on multiple social networks, they read blogs, walk into stores, and want to communicate with you one-on-one via phone, email, SMS, and chat – just to name a few. How do you…

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