This app helps you stay focused and organized while providing a platform that is quick and easy to use. It can sync data between different macs, create tasks, work with your calendar seamlessly. It’s everything you need to really get stuff done!


They’re many different ways to gain an understanding of your team’s productivity, but none that comes close to the insights CardTapp’s app provides. With this app, you can monitor your team’s productivity and effectiveness with the management dashboard feature. You will be able to see when a rep creates a lead, their follow-up efficiency, how many times they shared the app and with who!
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The internet though super useful can also be super distracting- which is where this app comes in. Freedom is designed to help block out distracting websites and help you reclaim your focus. It’s not just your typical site blocker either; you can schedule work sessions and non-work sessions to ensure you are staying productive.


Note taking can be a daunting task for some, especially if you’re not a skilled note taker. This app will help boost your productivity by letting you focus on the meeting, presentation or conversation at hand by taking notes for you. The Dragon app automatically translates speech into text for you. You can compare notes at the end to see if you missed vital information or simply let this app do all the work!

Doc Scan

When you’re in a time pinch or traveling a scanner or copy machine may not be an option. But in our mobile-centric society, we always have our phones handy. Doc Scan allows you to turn your phone’s camera into your own pocket-sized scanner. The app allows you to scan documents, create pdf, and even sharpen text.