CardTapp has helped thousands of insurance agents expand their referral networks, close more new business, and grow current policyholders accounts.

Here are three ways CardTapp’s complete mobile marketing solution helps agents add new clients and expand their current relationships

1. TappTracker

With a purchase of the CardTapp personalized app, all members receive the TappTracker app. TappTracker gives agents real-time notifications of all app activity. These real-time notifications allow agents valuable insights on where potential clients or current policyholders are in the sales cycle. Knowing where a client is in the cycle can help agents better cater to their client’s needs, gives the agent an upper hand in the follow-up game and allows the agent to sell more policies.

2. Co-Branding

As most agents know, the more people that know about your business and the great service you provide the more policies you’ll sell! Which is why it’s important for agents to share their CardTapp app with those they have partnerships with using CardTapp’s Co-Branding feature. Co-Branding an app with a referral partner will expose their clients to the agent’s contact information and will funnel more business to the agent, growing both referral networks. When agents co-brand their app, they will not only be getting their apps into more hands faster, they will earn loyalty, strengthen relationships, and of course, create an influx of policies.

3. SMS Marketing

CardTapp’s personally branded apps allow agents to send personalized text messages from their designated business line number instead of push notifications. With SMS messages garnering an open rate of 98%, agents are actually able to reach and connect with prospects and current clients. Agents can send out messages promoting special campaigns, reminders about seasonal policies or even new policy information. This direct communication will allow agents to stay top of mind whether customers are looking to expand their coverage or just signing up.  

As an agent finding new ways to promote your service and gain policies can be challenging. With CardTapp’s complete mobile marketing solution you track and gain insights into the buying cycle, increase your referral network, stay top of mind and ultimately increase policies and gain new clients.