Most people who aren’t insurance brokers don’t want to talk about insurance, even though they know they sometimes have to. By positioning yourself as an industry leader who gets what really matters to them, you can make insurance talk less uncomfortable, so it’ll be easier for them to make a purchase or refer others when the time is right.

Here are 3 strategies to make insurance marketing more productive and more fun.

1. Join Online Communities Where Your Prospects Hang Out

Search for Facebook groups and online message boards. Look for Twitter hashtags. Join conversations that are related to what you sell, even if they’re not directly focused on insurance.

For example, if you sell travel insurance, you can join groups where people discuss travel plans and share from your experience. Many places allow you to have a professional title in your user name or a signature with information about you, so even though it’s not recommended to pitch your services in this setting, people who’ll see you constantly providing tips and value to help them plan their trips will know you’re an insurance broker and they’ll remember you when it’s time to buy travel insurance.

Whenever possible, add a link to your app in your signature to generate mobile client acquisition. Just ensure your app has what it takes to convert them into customers.

In addition, hop over to LinkedIn and join group discussions of other professionals who serve travelers. Travel agents, hotel owners and tour operators hear of people who need travel insurance all the time. You’ll want them to think of you when they do, so they can send you referrals. blog ad v4 referral testimonial

2. Get Featured on Other Professionals’ Platforms

If you want to stand out from other insurance agents, you’ve got to promote your business like a movie star. That means you’ve got to make the rounds on all the hot blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels and social media accounts your prospects care about.

Let’s say you want to sell home insurance. Consider who else serves people who need to buy home insurance. We’ve got loan officers, mortgage banks, real estate agents, contractors, lawyers, interior designers, house cleaning companies, furniture stores, lifestyle magazines – and that’s just an initial list.

Many of these businesses have online platforms with audiences that need your services. It’s time to connect with them, and see how you can work together to send referrals to one another.

When you appear on their platforms, it’s like they send you referrals to hundreds of people, or maybe hundreds of thousands of people. Even if only a small portion of these people downloads your app, you’ll significantly improve your mobile client acquisition game, and it’ll be easier to convert these leads, because they’ll trust you by association to the original platform.

Building a profitable referral program takes time and it isn’t always easy, but it’ll be worth the effort when you’ll see the increase in mobile client acquisition and sales.

You’ll want to make it easy for people to send referrals your way, and create a process where you can keep track of it, so you’ll be able to thank everyone who referred you a lead, and be able to analyze how the program is working for your business.