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Pull Ahead of the Competition

Whether a new prospect is walking in the door to buy a new car or a past customer is rolling in to keep their car in tip-top shape, every dealership wants to build a loyal customer base. CardTapp can help every area of your dealership become an indispensable resource to current and future customers at any stage of the buying, maintenance, or trade-in process.

Increase Long-Term Customer Value

For Auto Sales Reps:

Don’t let anyone leave your lot without your mobile app on their phone. You are more than just an order-taker. You are an expert and resource for your customer. With CardTapp, you can build a relationship with the future buyer, close that deal, and land a lifetime customer for you and your dealership.

  • Build stronger personal relationships with new prospects
  • Provide financing tools and inventory insight to prospects
  • Track interest by seeing what prospects click on
  • Stay top of mind throughout the buying process

For Service Reps:

Customer satisfaction is the #1 measure of a service representative’s performance. With CardTapp you can make sure that your customers are getting great service all the time – not just when they come in for an appointment.

  • Create a reputation for responsiveness
  • Provide appointment scheduling from the app
  • Promote additional products and services available
  • Consistently get higher ratings from every customer you serve
  • Pass on lead to sales when customers show buying signals from the app

For Dealerships:

Successful dealerships know that service and reputation are the keys to long term customer loyalty. CardTapp can help your sales reps close more deals, improve the reputation of your service reps, and even make your marketing efforts more effective.

  • Capture every lead that walks onto the lot into your CRM
  • Ensure your reps are proactively following up on every purchase or service lead
  • Improve your customer service reputation
  • Increase referrals with an easy-to-share mobile app
  • Create better marketing campaigns from customer activity insight

Can your business card do this?

Referrals, Referrals, Referrals

Salespeople know that referrals are gold. Referrals already know what you do, they trust you, and are often ready to buy. With your own personally branded app, you can expand your personal network and make it easy for your customers and partners to send referrals along to you.

Track, Follow Up, Close

TappTracker shows you who is installing your app, who is using it, and what they are interested in. Now you can proactively reach out, prepared to answer their questions. Establish yourself as a responsive resource, and you’ll be their first point of contact for their business.

Re-Engage Loyal Customers

Your customers may need you again in the future, so keeping them engaged after the initial deal is crucial. Put your current inventory, financing rates, and other tools right on their phones for easy access. You’ll level up your service game, reinforce your reputation, and grow your business.

With my app, my customers never forget me and am always a touch of a button away for sales or service questions! And since I can see when people are surfing my app, I can follow up at the perfect time.
Trent MeyersToyota of Fort Walton Beach
We’ve had great success with [CardTapp] so far and each day that goes by it gets better and better. It’s one of the best tools in your marketing toolbox.
Troy LuchiniMarketing DirectorTitus Will Chevrolet

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