CardTapp: 365-Day Guarantee - CardTapp

We guarantee your success!

CardTapp is so convinced your personalized app will work for you, we are proud to offer an unmatched 365-day test drive. You have one full year to generate 52 Tappers and find out how CardTapp’s powerfully simple tools can help you generate referrals and make more money! That’s only one new Tapper per week! And if you don’t make money, we’ll refund your your total subscription payments — guaranteed.

Terms and Conditions

Guarantee is valid on an annual pre-paid agreement only. Eligibility for a refund goes into effect 365 days after initial date of purchase. To become eligible for refund after 365 days, a CardTapp customer must share their app with one (1) person per week for an entire year and accumulate a total of fifty-two (52) Tappers (End Users) as well as send in documentation showing that CardTapp was not a profitable part of their business. CardTapp considers all Tappers (End Users) who make a purchase from the member and total revenue generated compared to the cost of CardTapp’s services to void the 365-Day money back guarantee. A 365-Day money back guarantee must be requested in writing along with a signed and notarized affidavit stating that less money was made using some or all of CardTapp’s services than was spent on the service itself. By redeeming the 365-Money Back Guarantee, the CardTapp customer will have their service cancelled and their mobile application terminated.