From social media to online reviews, client engagement continues to be a key factor to success. Since more and more people rely more on recommendations from others than advertisements, it’s critical that your brand comes highly recommended. Additionally, the more a brand can connect and engage with clients, the more likely clients are to have a great experience. Better client experiences lead to more referrals as well as more repeat business.

For CardTapp members, client engagement is critical to fully leveraging the solution. Not only does CardTapp capture engagement insights, but it also helps streamline the sales process. Indeed, the ability to capture activity in an app helps app owners identify sales and service opportunities. However, members can’t capture engagement insights with low client engagement. In fact, high engagement is one of the keys to best leverage the CardTapp platform. Whether a CardTapp member or not, client engagement is important. Here are strategies to help maximize engagement.

Add Value

It’s Sales & Marketing 101. A key to connecting with customers and driving them to engage with a product or service is providing value. In order to do this, salespeople must have a great understanding of the value they provide. First, evaluate your current marketing messages for your key benefit statement. There’s likely a few client needs you try to meet. Note what those things are. Next, make sure that those needs are still pertinent to your current client base. Client needs can change over time and likely adjust with significant events and market changes. Be sure to keep tabs on whether the value that you offer is still valuable.

If it’s not or if you identify additional needs your solution meets, adjust your marketing to reflect those additional benefits. This process likely starts with interviewing current or former clients. Additionally, you can utilize searches on your support site, search engine keyword data, or online forums to better understand the needs of your target client.

Let the Client Drive

Salespeople can also take a page out of the employee training handbook to help increase engagement. The learning-by-doing training method has been proven to be very effective with employee training. Learning-by-doing is an experiential learning model that prompts trainees to follow along with the process. So instead of listening to a presentation or watching a trainer do a task, the trainee interacts with the task on their own.

This strategy is likely most effective for salespeople with a digital engagement tool like CardTapp. It certainly is also helpful with other online portals and tools. To use the learning-by-training method:

  • Help the client install, access, or log in to the digital solution
  • Talk the client through the steps of the process, prompting the client to click the applicable resource when its time
  • Clarify the stage of the process they will use the tool or resource

For a CardTapp app this translates into asking clients to install your app then talking them through the sales process with your app and its resources as a guide. Using this method helps clients better understand the process and value. It also streamlines the sales process and saves app owners time.

Encourage Engagement

From submitting online reviews to using available digital tools, reinforcement is key. It’s unlikely clients will immediately understand and consistently access the digital tools provided. Therefore, it’s critical for salespeople to remind clients about digital tools to further highlight the value and increase the awareness of the solution. Along with integrating a digital tool into the sales process, salespeople should find natural opportunities to highlight the tool to spark more usage.

Maximizing Client Engagement

Ultimately, client engagement should naturally come with providing value, training clients to access the value, and driving clients to valuable tools when appropriate. To get set up with a digital engagement tool that captures client interests, schedule a demo. For more information on how you can maximize engagement with your current subscription, set up a consultation.

Photo by Nasik Lababan from Pexels